NO COPYBill Gates’ idea for a new software market came like a bombshell for computer hackers. After all, the hacker scene was of the opinion that every programmer could only have gained his competence through knowledge sharing.

However, Bill Gates neither wanted to share his knowledge with other hackers, nor he would agree that his software should be copied or modified by others without compensation.

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Operation Site Down FBI Operation Site Down

It was one of the FBI’s last attempts to shatter the organized piracy groups once and for all. However instead, the FBI realized that there were dealing with an organization that had been around for more than 35 years. And they were fed by a hacker ideology that was founded in the 50s. Short later the hacking groups even grew bigger.


In the early 90s, webwarez were almost everywhere. Everybody was able to download pirated software by just using their browser. Short later, webspace providers were able to manage their spaces and regain control of their platforms. However, that trend short later led to Filesharing and File Hosting Servers.

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Turbobit Cloud Service Turbobit: The RapidShare Alternative

Do you miss RapidShare? Then Turbobit seems to be the best alternative so far. The principle is relatively similar, actually it’s quite the same. The only difference is that Turbobit is from Russia and their methods seem to be a little shady. However, it is possible to download software for free. All you need is the Turbobit search.

Mega Cloud Service How to Download Software from

The Cloud Service has been developed by its predecessors Mega. it is one the largest Cloud Services, but what it really does is to provide lots of copyrighted material known as Warez such as Movies, Music, Software, and other things. As it doesn’t allow search from its portal, it is possible to find all the software with a simple trick.

Angered by opposition to this philosophy, Gates finally wrote an open letter to the Homebrew Computer Club, the first hacker club in the world. In this letter he accused those who used and copied his software without payment of being thieves. This new notion of an “illegal copy” caused confusion among those first youthful hackers, and this was the beginning of Bill Gates becoming unpopular amongst their ranks.

The economic success of Microsoft software soon surpassed even the development of the industrial computers such as IBM. The software provided by Microsoft was made more successful by Gates’ business acumen than anyone could have imagined. In the following years Microsoft conquered the software operating system market, initially with its product MS-DOS, and later with Microsoft Windows.

The prophecy of Bill Gates, that the computer market would once be dominated by software instead of hardware, became true. As hard as geeks had fought against the commercialization of software and information, Gates had defined an important term the first time: “software piracy”.

This volume covers the history of those turbulent early years, addressing the validity of concepts such as piracy as well as questioning the core beliefs of copyright.

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