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But what is behind the philosophy of the Digitalwelt Lifestyle Magazine? We are not only offline or online, but life has become dependent on the existence of the web. 50 years ago, mankind could not escape the TV and radio, and today, people cannot escape the Web and Social Media. Because the society itself will always reminds us of what is happening on the web.

This means that the web is everywhere, even if we are not online. For instance, when a colleague tells you about the latest YouTube video and what he saw yesterday – the digital world spills over to us in the analogue conversation. And the digital world has now also transferred to the offline world. Our entire society has now transferred its knowledge and its work from the real to the online world. Many insights that we know today, we retrieved from the digital world.

Migration from Analog to Digital

More precisely, what used to be a migration from the analogue to the digital, is now reversed. We now transfer the digital into our analogous world. Therefore, there is a fusion, which we do not consciously perceive.

Digitalwelt as a lifestyle magazine is thus concerned with this kind of perception. Further our magazine will help you to guide through the online space by providing valuable information and knowledge. We offer not only philosophical approaches and cultural ideas, but also offer our readers a new online feeling of life. Therefore lots of categories will help you to find the best services on the web – and we also provide reviews and product information so your choices are faster so your life becomes easier.

What’s Lifestyle anyway?

Lifestyle is way of life. In sociology, different lifestyle concepts have been developed, in medicine, it is all about the health aspects of each lifestyle.

This could be things like the music you listen to. But it could be perceived as something professional or family-related. In medicine for instance, lifestyle can be described as something that defines the social distance between a patient and the caretaker. Mostly lifestyle refers to features such as home style, clothing, speech gesture or leisure locations.

Attributes associated with the lifestyle are ones that delimit a person from others or connect with others. Thus, a lifestyle can be part of a cultural movement, even an expression of a political protest. But it can also embody the enjoyment and the joy of life in general.

Typical lifestyles can be attributed to subcultures, such as the hippies, punks or rockers. Even things like a “simple life” is an example of a lifestyle.

Lifestyle is particularly addressed and also created by advertising organizations. Thus, lifestyles is a very important economic factor, in terms of consumption and growth. For example, the lifestyle changes with fashion (in the clothing sector as in many others) plays an enormous role in the global economy.

Lifestyle is also particularly defined by styles of life in the youth culture, as well as lifestyle styles that are strongly oriented towards hedonism, luxury and consumption, or are associated with “style”. The term “lifestyle” refers in a very comprehensive way to the “stylish” appearance of a person and includes his behavior and his leisure habits. That concept however can go far beyond the styling of clothing and body (body styling, make-up, tattoos, tanning, etc.).

Lifestyle websites or lifestyle magazines mainly include references to parties, entertainment and entertainment events, bars & restaurants, fashion, health, herbs, supplements, dating, and many more.

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