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Digitalwelt is a California-based independent online magazine. For the most part, is a non-commercially financed project. Our task is to deal critically with the information society with the purpose of providing educative articles. Digitalwelt also supports authors, journalists, bloggers and publishers who want to provide valuable knowledge round the the digital world. At the same time, we try to present scientifically researched articles and see that kind of articles as the core values of digitawelt. Other sections of digitalwelt consist of reviews, products and services to help people to make the right decisions.


William Sen, Connor Bringas, Bianka Boock, Jan Krömer, Denis Moschitto, Stefan Kubrik

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We would like to thank Denis Moschitto, Jan Krömer, William Sen, Jakob Kufert, Andreas Schönau, Kay Thunig, Michael Schleyer and the Klett-Cotta publishing house for the content support. With their kind permission, we were able to enrich the magazine with subcultural content in regards of hacker culture and hacker ethics.


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Endorsements and Testimonials

The reviews reflect only the opinion of the authors. The individual star ratings of the categories within a rating page are based on the following criteria: 0 stars or 1 star reflect the opinion of the author as negative, while 5 stars that reflect the opinion of the author as positive. While the individual stars in the rating can vary, there is also a main rating. The main rating of the stars depends on the general opinion of the reviewer and is not weighted on the individual star ratings within the rating text.

Digitalwelt has affiliate partnerships with most or all the providers we review and rate. This means that we receive commissions for purchases made via our link. Nevertheless, the reviews and ratings we deliver are not dependent on the size of the commissions, i.e. we do not rank or review the providers with the highest commission higher or vice versa. If this seems to be the, it is purely coincidental.