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Norton Antivirus is undoubtedly on of the best virus protections available. But that wasn’t always the case. About two years ago, Norton had to face criticism and lost many customers. Here is a brief overview of how the software could recover so well

How Norton Antivirus recovered

Symantec was going through an economic crisis like many other virus protection companies. While companies like Avira were unable to recover from the crisis, Symantec suggested a different course. With the acquisition of other security companies with more than 700 million US dollars, the company has been able to introduce new products to the antivirus software market. Norton has responded to the negative reviews it had gotten from users over the last two years and revamped their entire portfolio. New organizational structures and new developments have led Norton to revert itself to one of top of the antivirus software developers in 2018 again.

SYMANTEC Norton Security Antivirus 2018
Norton Antivirus 2018
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Norton eventually restructured its team and the organisation. Soon they renamed their software from “Norton Antivirus” to “Norton Security”. Revamping the company helped. Two years later, Norton successfully reverted to its original success.

The restructuring of the organisation and company also led to the renaming of the original name “Norton Antivirus” to “Norton Security”. After two years, Norton is now one of the best virus protection developers in the world and is the winner of numerous virus remover reviews. This trend is also expected to continue in 2018. We give a brief overview which particular features of Norton Security has made it to one of the best antivirus removal tools in 2018. But first things first – find below the most important facts about Norton Antivirus at a glance.

Virus Coverage of Norton Security 2018

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One of the special features of Norton Security 2018 is its new embedded feature that also protects from malware – you know: those fraud-crafted nasty tools that attempts to persuade users to purchase irrelevant tools through false displays and errors. These annoying and creepy sleazeballs can hardly be uninstalled once it has nested into your computer, and usually damages the whole operating system. Usually they cause so much damage to the operating system that it stops working properly. Virus protection software, however are not always helpful. This is due the fact that malware programmers exactly know how antivirus tools work and thus always try new tricks to get around them. But they cannot fool Norton Security as it seems. Regular Norton Antivirus updates ensure that the tool is aware of all new malware that are around. But Norton Security doesn’t only protect against known malware. it remembers when certain wicked programs try to sneak into sensitive data and prevent it prevents it before it happens. Long story short – once Norton Security is installed in your system, malware hasn’t got a chance.

User Reviews of Norton Security 2018

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According to Crimson Hexagon over the last 12 months, a total of 80% users posted positive reviews and opinions about Norton Security in forums, blogs and social media overall. The largest review portal in the world Amazon, Norton received more than 3,000 reviews , 2,567 of which were extremely positive. This results in a satisfaction rate of 84%. We have listed the three most important positive features of consumers:

“No more virus attacks since Norton Security”
Most users report that they have experienced no more viruses or malware since they have installed Norton Security thanks to the the exceptional virus coverage and virus protection.

“Excellent Customer Support”
The positive comments are praised by users with the extraordinary support provided by Norton. By remote access, a Norton support user takes control of the computer and ensures that the software is installed smoothly if they have experienced problems during the installation process. While tech support explains what it’s doing, the customer actually can observe in real-time how the tech support angel takes care of your computer by moving your mouse and entering or installing the necessary data to fix your problem..

“Outstanding value for the money”
With an annual license of $29.99, which also can by applied to 5 devices, it is hardly surprising that users do not feel like they’re not spending too much. However, some users have also noticed that the extension of the license can sometimes be more expensive than to acquire the whole software from a new. This tip is also shared in the social media community: It is recommended to let the license expire and then simply buy a new license instead of extending it. So, once the license has expires, simply purchase a new version, and simply enter the new license key. Norton Security will just resume its service.

Software Performance of Norton Security 2018

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In contrast to many other anti-virus tools, Norton Security in its version 2018 surprisingly uses little system resources for both the PC and Mac. Most of the alert messages from Norton can be switched off easily, which tend to display even the smallest risks on your computer. The software usually does its work in the background and defensively defends any possible attacker. Norton Security can be installed on computers even with little memory and less processor power.

One of the key positive features of Norton Security 2018 is the possibility of clean deinstallation. The software leaves  no residues in the PC after it has been deinstalled. The test with HijackThis, CCleaner and the Windows Registry (RegEdit) has shown that no cleanup was necessary, because Norton Security removed itself autonomously from your system, if you no longer desire it. That actually makes Norton Security kind of a pleasant guest and a fair colleague among many other virus protection tools – because it won’t fight the deinstallation process.

Value for Money

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With an annual license of only $29.99, Norton Security is one of the best and cheapest antivirus programs on the market. Considering that Norton Security is one of the most popular brands in the international market and has also been selected by many reviews as top notch among its competitors, it is almost as if Norton wanted to give users a gift. But the cheap price of Norton Security has a reason. Norton had lost some of its market share due to it’s economic crisis and lost some of its glare. Even Norton successfully retained its reputation, it is now trying to make up for the loss by selling its product to a much lower price. Meanwhile the user can benefit from it. Norton Security has once released an excellent product and its worth every penny. Another reason is that Norton wants to prove consumers and critics that it is once again the pioneer among the virus removal tools. This strategy from Norton could continue over the next few years, therefore users can expect low-cost prices from Norton. As a result, the consumer gets a high quality product for a cheap price. That makes Norton Security a bargain at the moment.

Support / Service for Norton Security 2018

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Did the installation work properly? Or for some reason the software doesn’t work as expected? No problem – Norton consumers are never left behind. Even with the low price of $29.99, Symantec is very fast and responsive when it comes to service and support – and the best thing about the support: it’s simple and easy to and you can reach out to them by phone. If you want to take the problem into your own hands, you will also find detailed help on the web, such as FAQs. However, the support does not here to help you with your technical problems. Anyone who has had a virus in spite of all the efforts and virus coverage of Norton Security, support will help you as well. The best virus experts are just one phone call away to help you with your individual problem.

Norton Security 2018 Conclusion

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The Symantec company works best under pressure. The great competitive pressure and the economic crisis have pushed the company back in the past few years. But the company was able to prove with its new versions in 2018 that are one of the most experienced antivirus companies in the world. They have proven that 35 years of experience cannot be beaten by small setbacks. Norton Security is the proof – the most advanced virus removal tool currently available on the market. Due to its high reputation, Norton is not longer an insider tipp – but if you look at the low price, you definitely want to consider Norton. Norton Security is still the undefeated market leader and heavy-weight-champion in the world when it comes to computer security. Now that Norton is on the right path again, we can assume that the company will continue this positive avenue.[/read]

AVG Internet Security 2018
AVG Antivirus Internet Security
Review 5.0

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In 2018 AVG started to offer their unlimited install features for their software. Especially for families this is one of the best bargains of the year. The interface of AVG antivirus couldn’t be simpler, and the pop-ups are not annoying at all.
Avast Pro Antivirus 2018
AVG Antivirus Internet Security 2018
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One of the advantages of Avast 2018 is not just it’s reliability and broad antivirus protection. With only $39.99 at Amazon – we offer the same deal for $34.99 by the way – it’s one of the most affordable deals you can find among reputable antivirus tools.
Avira Antivirus Pro 2018
Avira Antivirus 2018
Review 4.8

starts at $23.95

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AVIRA Antivirus is one of the most popular virus protection software. For years they have been famous for their free antivirus. The paid version is as good as the free version but without the ads. For only 23.95, you shouldn’t think twice to switch to the professional version.
Bullguard Antivirus
Bullguard Antivirus 2018
Review 4.7

starts at $23.96

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Bullguard may not be as famous as the big market players, but it’s unequivocally one of the best virus protections in the world. It has been developed by hackers and computer enthusiasts from a small UK company. As the price suggests, they are driven by passion, and not less profit.
Panda Security 2018
Panda Security 2018
Review 4.7

starts at $19.99

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Panda is not only the cheapest, but is actually one of its kind: They have invented the first artificial intelligent virus protection in the world that recognizes unknown viruses. It works so well that they became extremely popular in Europe, and is being praised by many hackers.
SYMANTEC Norton Security Antivirus 2018
Norton Antivirus 2018
Review 4.6

starts at $23.99

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One of the test winners in 2018 is Norton Antivirus. There is no other antivirus software with such high virus protection in the market at this moment. This can certainly change in the following years, as the market is constantly changing.
SYMANTEC Norton Security Antivirus 2018
McAfee Antivirus 2018
Review 4.3

starts at $34.94

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McAfee is one of the oldest virus protections on the market – this is demonstrated by an excellent product quality: long story short – McAfee simple has the experience because they have been around for more than 30 years.

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