A vast majority can get minerals, nutrients, and vitamins from the food they consume. For instance, a large orange gives all the vitamin C for the day. Likewise, a small carrot may provide a day’s worth of vitamin A.

A lot of ads promise you to be super-energized, muscular and thinner body. Make sure it lives according to its claims. [Read more…]

Creatine Muscles What is Creatine: Benefits & Dosage

Creatine is one of the most used natural ways to build up muscles and is being successfully used by body builders, martial artists and all kind of athletes. It doesn’t need prescription and has amazing health benefits.

Hair Growth Supplements Best Vitamins for Hair Growth: Complete List

Find out which vitamins help to make your hair strong, healthy, and can even support hair growth. Below is the complete list of vitamins you should consider.

Hair Loss Prevention Hair Loss Supplements: Best Vitamins to Stop Hair Loss

Vitamins can prevent hair loss when taken regularly and long term. It’s better to start as early as possible and be patient. Take these vitamins every week and hair loss will be no more!

Zinc Supplement Benefits of Zinc

Zinc is one of the most popular supplements in the world. Its amazing, almost “magical” benefits help with many health issues.

Iron Supplements Iron Vitamin Benefits and Side Effects

Iron is a vital mineral that brings fresh oxygen to your system through the blood stream, and it can boost your performance in any way possible.

Omega 3 Vegan The Best Vegans Omega 3 Sources

Omega 3 comes from fish products. But you don’t need fish to obtain Omega 3 as it’s part of many other natural products mother earth provides. You can obtain Omega 3 from seeds, nuts, fruits, beans, leafs, and cabbage. We have listed the best resources for you.

Vitamins during Pregnancy Prenatal Vitamins: Benefits and Side Effects

One of the greatest interventions in the human organism happens during pregnancy. It’s like all your organs are upside down. This change in a women’s metabolism comes with an enormous need of minerals and vitamins. Your body needs more Iron and Calcium then ever. Natural Vitamin Supplement can help to close that gap.

Vegan Protein Shake Vegan Protein Powder and Proteins

Vegan Protein Shakes deliver the same amount of minerals, and high-quality protein as protein extracted from animal products. On top of being vegan and absolutely natural, they have less side effects and are considered healthier. They are fiber-friendly, have less cholesterol & saturated fat, and are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Probiotic Supplement Pill Probiotic Supplement Benefits & Side Effects

Your body is nothing else then the sum of cells and bacteria. And it is known your digestion system captures the most of the bacteria – it’s called the Gut Flora. That area has the largest number of bacteria. And in the end, everything around your health starts there, to more precise: you determine your health by choosing the right food.

Whey Protein BenefitsWhey Protein Health Benefits

One of the most typical food supplements is whey protein it’s a classic. The reason for this is, whey protein can be used by anybody at any age. The most proteins in the market have no calories and do not provide any carbs, thus makes this food supplement to one of the healthiest ones. And yet it provides everything your body needs.

Omega 3 Supplements Health Benefits and Side Effects of Fish Oil Supplements

Our body doesn’t produce Omega 3 – the fatty acid you usually can find in fish. Either you eat fish, or you have but Fish Oil Supplements. It is said that Omega 3 is one of the most important ingredients to establish a normal metabolism. Many illnesses can be prevented and Fish Oil can help to cure as well.

Protein Supplements for Women Best Protein Shakes for Women

Either it’s to build up a strong physique, your are looking for the right supplements during pregnancy or you just want to enjoy a healthy living. Protein Shakes are one of the most popular and effective supplements for a reason: They have extremely low calories as they have no carbs, and yet provide the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and saturation.

Best Multivitamin Supplements for Women Best Vitamins for Women

Many women don’t get enough vitamins. Finding out which ones are the right ones can be a challenge. It is also said that nearly half of American women take herbal, vitamin and dietary supplements every day. But which supplements are the right ones and will provide a benefit for a woman’s health?

Vitamins for Men Which Vitamins are Best for Men?

Different groups of need different types of vitamins. For examples, if you are in your 30s you need Vitamin A and B1, where men above 40 have the need for Vitabin B12 and other antioxidants. Additionally, every man has a different physique and has different goals set for himself.

Supplements: What You Need to Know

These are substances which you can eat or drink. Basically, they come in various forms such as capsules, tablets, powder, botanicals, drinks or energy bars.

Let me give you some examples: amino acids (glutamine) and herbs (St. John’s Wort). They can be widely available via the internet, email, groceries, pharmacies and food stores.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many people used the active ingredients in supplements so many years to assist health and treat sicknesses. Also, they form the basis of modern medicine.

Pharmaceutical companies figured out the chemical component for example in Willow Bark tea to produce aspirin. Supplements are sold without research. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not regulate them like it does to medicine.

Which Supplements is Right For Me?

Different supplements offer different health benefits – but which is right for me? Some can provide respiratory, Restorative Care or immunity support, while others have urinary tract health benefits or support general wellness.

Protein Supplements

Protein supplements increases calorie and protein intake.

Besides, they expedite recovery from workouts. For example, dairy-based Whey and casein are common in the market today. Vegans looking to stay away from animal-based proteins may use plant-based soy brown rice or hemp.

Health and Well-being

Your body is a complex system and needs vitamins and minerals to perform at its best. It supports vitality such as joint support, digestive health, and anti-oxidants.

Weight Loss

The feeling of pressure to lose weight either for aesthetic or general health reason drives many to get products promising to help them lose weight. Companies, therefore, try to respond to this demand.

Energy Supplements

These supplements come in different forms such as carbohydrates, nootropics, bars, and drinks. If you have a busy day fuel your intense workout with energy supplements to boost your metabolism and increase your focus.

Amino Acids

Amino acids have antioxidant properties that help you recover quickly after the workout. Also, help in the growth, repair, and maintaining of cells. So, let’s say, it is next to water since proteins make a greater portion of your body weight.

Growth Enhancers

Do you want to build muscles, increase strength or burn fat? Sounds good? These products achieve fitness by manipulating hormone levels.

Advantages of supplements

  • Help you derive your daily dose of minerals and vitamins
  • Help protect your body from diseases so the body meets its daily recommendations of vitamins and minerals
  • Improves muscular strength, endurance, and physical performance
  • Complement treatment for a health condition.

Supplements Checklist

  1. Choose standardized products
    Get supplements from the best source and make sure if they can be, they are standardized.
  2. Interactions with prescription drugs
    If you are on prescription drugs consult with your doctor before you take supplements. A medical exam may reveal you need doses of certain nutrients.
  3. Unhealthy vitamin fillers
    Did you know that some commercial brands of supplements contain harmful fillers? Look out for words such as Sodium Benzoate and Butylated Hydroxytoluene. Sodium benzoate preservative is cancer causing chemical.
  4. Overreliance on supplements
    Supplements cannot and should never replace a healthy diet. The main aim is to “fill in” the gap in nutrients that you are unable to get in your diet.
  5. Supplements for weight loss
    Although there supplements that help metabolize fast. The best way to lose weight is to take calories that you easily burn.
  6. Supplements label
    It is important to understand the label on the supplement and what it means. The basic role of the label is to “let the buyer beware”.


Always check with a doctor before taking any supplement especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any medical concerns or currently on medication.

Not all herbs and supplements are harmless. They may trigger allergic reactions or interaction with a prescription drug you are taking. Effects differ among brands. The one you buy from the food store may not be the exact one used in its research.

Final Thoughts on Supplements

Recently, supplements are receiving a great deal of focus for their ability to support more exciting health problems.

The bottom line: Some supplements work unbelievably well to support natural healing and effectively burn fat. Keep doing your part with exercises and a balanced diet, supplements are additions to your wellness to look best. Sadly, some supplements do not live up to their marketing hype they have a downside. So, choose wisely.

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