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Mind & Body

The Connection of the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul

While there is actually no specific definition for soul and spirit, mind and body have been part of many scientific researches and discussions.

The mind controls the body and therefore has one of the most significant roles in the complex system of a person. However, if the body is insufficient to create the necessary amount of support for the mind, the mind fails. This is what is called the body mind connection.

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Soul at the other hand has many different varieties of definitions and is not clearly understood by science – its existence is also uncertain. In a spiritual way, it can be defined as something immaterial that has essence and is somehow connected to the person. In more scientific way it can also be defined as the person’s total self. The spirit at the other hand is often understood as a vital principle of somebody that gives life (and motivation) to the physical organism.

Altogether, speaking of mind, body, and also soul and spirit, it’s inevitable to understand, that the way we think, eat, act and is connected to each other.