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Some trends are becoming an integral part of our society. Others, on the other hand, are pure bubbles. One would claim that IT had invented the phenomenon itself. But Social Media Bubbles are all around.

We love technical novelties. It is difficult to escape this enthusiasm. As a consumer, we play this game and buy everything that's new, like the new 3D TV or the neweset smartphone with virtual reality.

But companies cannot afford this enthusiasm. They need to know what will remain an important component for business and keep their decisions based on research and knowledge.

For example - the hype about Second Life was great when the big news wave reached nearly all enterprises. Some companies did not dare to ask critical questions and stumbled into the medium without fear. Articles such as "Good Reasons not to get involved in Second Life" got very popular very fast, while at the same time companies were looking for reasons to get engaged in Second Life. Only 6 months later after the buzz, Second Life was actually at its lowest point and the trend was over.

Don't Follow the Trend

If one does not deal with the phenomenon of Social Media on a daily basis, one is often in the bias of believing what the news tell us. In addition, friends and colleagues around us are boasting their new Smartphones, messaging only via Facebook - and companies get the the impression that the world has changed fundamentally.

However, Social Media experts and scientists from the area see such things from a differentiated perspective. Their results are not always euphoric and they are not found in the popular media. But especially these results are the ones that are vital for companies - not what we get from everyday news.

Combined with the professional and scientific background, we have created this special section at Digitalwelt. Digitalwelt is not about re-narrating trends. Together with experts, we present new topics and products that have not yet appeared in such depth. We strive to present results with a scientific touch, however without losing the euphoria about our new digital world.