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Dr. William Sen

by Dr. William Sen
SEO Expert since 2001 | blue media marketing, Inc.

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Since Google has put more weight on location based results in the past years, the proximity elements in landing pages have more weight than content and even backlinks.

Thus, GEO specific landing pages get a higher trust and rankings when a GEO funnel is included. Google’s recent Possum Update on September 2016 supports these kinds of GEO features on GEO landing pages more than ever.

What is a Nearby-Widget?

The Nearby-Widget on a GEO Landing page is part of the SEO technique known as, GEO funnel, GEO intelligence, or GEO-targeted Organic Lead Funnel. Website pages show a custom amount of locations that are nearby the location of the GEO landing page.


When the GEO landing page is about “Car Rentals San Diego, California”, a Nearby-Widget on that page would list an X amount of locations that are nearby San Diego, including the miles distance, and links to other GEO landing pages:

  • Coronado Car Rentals (2 miles)
  • National City Car Rentals (4 miles)
  • Chula Vista Car Rentals (7 miles)
  • San Ysidro Car Rentals (8 miles)
  • etc.


The preconditions for the application of a GEO Nearby-Widget is that the website needs to have location-based or GEO-targeted landing pages in the first place. Otherwise the integration of a Nearby-Widget wouldn’t make much sense.

Who Needs It?

The utilization for GEO pages overall is beneficial for businesses conducting services, selling products or targeting audiences in specific locations and areas. It’s very valuable for local businesses as well, national websites, or even international audiences. Usually the GEO-landing pages aim for audiences with a specific topic in specific areas. For example, a law firm operating in San Diego may target those in Clairemont Mesa searching for, “law firm in Clairemont Mesa.” If such a landing page exists, Google would then rather present the landing page of this law firm on top of all other law firms as it fulfills user intent (UI). Thus, people from Clairemont Mesa searching for, “law firm in Clairemont Mesa,” would be listed better on Google – knowing from research that Clairemont Mesa is a neighborhood of San Diego with a high concentration of people needing lawyers. If that law firm would have such a landing page, Google may give this page a much higher credit – assuming of course that the landing page is following the basic GEO-targeting principles from an SEO standpoint. And one of the most important GEO elements of a GEO landing page is the Nearby-Widget.

SEO Benefits

The Nearby-Widget is an SEO play and has tremendous effects:

  • Interlinking
    The Nearby-Widget is linking to other locations. This provides search engines links to follow, so all locations can be indexed easily. Besides, interlinking puts weight on locations, and some locations may get more internal incoming links then others.
  • Content Uniqueness
    As every Nearby-Widget has a different order of locations and provide different mileage numbers, each GEO landing page becomes an individual page with different content. It avoids boilerplate content.
  • Location Intelligence
    Google understands the mileage information that is provided and therefore categorizes this landing page as part of a GEO local pack. That means, if you provide that information on your GEO landing page, Google will consider this landing page above all others and it may rank much better than the competitor’s website without a GEO funnel. Needless to say, the mileage distance you are providing on the Nearby-Widget should be accurate as Google will check the accuracy of it.

How is it Done?

SEOs usually create a database with locations such as state, city and neighborhoods that are a part of the serving area of the website or company. This list usually contains the Lat-Long information so the Nearby-Widget can automatically create the locations around the GEO landing page. It can be a part of any CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, and many more.

Of course, savvy SEOs would perform keyword research first to see which locations have higher search volume or search volume at all. A prioritization of locations with the highest search volume will help the business, especially when they have lots of locations that need to be targeted. For example, if the search term “Investment Law in San Diego” has a search volume of 360 and “Investment Law in Sacramento” has a search volume of 20, the SEO would most likely start with the GEO landing page first.

Read the more elaborate article of Dr. Sen about GEO Targeting:


Dr. William Sen

Dr. William Sen
SEO Expert since 2001 at blue media marketing

blue media marketing

Dr. William Sen works at blue media marketing, Inc., the SEO Agency in San Diego. He holds a PhD in Computer & Information Sciences and has over 19 years of experience developing custom SEO tools and campaigns for national companies such as P&G. Dr. Sen has been an SEO professional since 2001.

blue media marketing
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