YouTube Sponsorship Calculator
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YouTube Sponsorship Calculator

How much money can influencers ask for YouTube product placement?

Congratulations if you as a YouTube influencer have come to the point where you are being asked to advertise for an organization. But then there is the big question: How much can you ask for?

If you ask for too much, your offer could be rejected. If you ask less, you might lose an opportunity.

In fact, many influencers are willing to test products in exchange for a free product. Getting free products can be a good start to build relationships with companies. However, there will be the day where it’s time to get paid for your efforts and the benefits you would be providing the companies by advertising for their products.

This calculator will help you to estimate how much you can ask without embarrassing yourself as a YouTube influencer. The data and formula is based on the average rates organizations have been paying YouTube influencers as of 2021.

How to use the YouTube Sponsorship Calculator:

How many subscribers does your channel have?

  • Type the amount of subscribers of your YouTube Channel. If you have 250K subscribers, you have reached the threshold of a standardized calculation, and  this calculator might not be the right tool for you. You should consider creating price lists based on your own evaluation of the value of your channel.

How many clicks did you get on your channel in the last 365 days?

Go to your YouTube Dashboard and then to Analytics, and select “last 365 days” to see how many visits you have gotten in the last 12 months on YouTube.

  • If you have reached more than 10M views on your channel in 365 days, you most likely have more than 250K subscribers and should consider creating tailored or packaged quotes and media packages for your leads.

Has this product/service has the same target audience as your channel?

If the company interested in advertising in your channel has the same target audience, this will give you an essential leverage.


  • If you for instance have channel about a beauty and skin care, and the company wants to advertise for a face cream, then the answer is “yes”.
  • Or if your channel is a channel for photographers, and the company wants you to review a new flash light for cameras, then the answer is “yes”.


  • If you have a channel about travel, and the company wants you to advertise for a new game app, then the answer would be “no”.
  • Or if you run a channel about healthy food, and the company wants you to advertise for their new desk lamp, the answer also again would be “no”.

How many subscribers do I need to review products or provide sponsorship on YouTube?

If you have less than 1000 subscribers on your channel, it’s most unlikely that sponsorship will be possible on your channel. Sponsorships are common for channels above 10,000 subscribers.

How many views do I need to review products or provide sponsorship on YouTube?

To be considered for sponsorship and get the attention by potential leads, you should at least have 10,000 clicks on your channel overall. Companies will most likely check your metric on your about section and would probably check your Social Blade status, and also consider the impact of your popularism other social media channels you are running such as Instagram.

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