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What is Creatine?

Benefits and Dosage Information of Creatine


What is Creatine?

Creatine is a molecule naturally found in the body stored in the muscles and believed to influence athletic performance. In addition to that, it wards off effects of depression. Meat and fish are good sources of Creatine. Sadly, vegetarians have low levels of Creatine.

The buzz around Creatine is the ability to produce energy in the body to aid cellular function. Creatine is one of the most successful supplements to hit the shelves. Many people are asking how much they should take. For starters, it takes 4-5 weeks of Creatine supplementation of 5g each day to experience any kind of benefit on your body.

Creatine pill Versus Creatine Powder: Which Way?

There is minimal difference between the powder and pill. The powder form is cumbersome so you have to mix it thoroughly and sometimes it gets messy. The pills are good for athletes on the go. Some brands are derived from organic sources while others have little concentration of Creatine. It is difficult to select one brand but you may have your personal favorite. Please read the labels to discover any hidden additives or chemicals in the compound.

You can mix Creatine Powder with just about any beverage of your choice. However, the pill has to go through the digestive system before it becomes usable in the body. The powder form is easier for your body to absorb particularly if you mix it with a beverage like a fruit smoothie.

The fact of the matter is there is no real difference between the pill and powder so long as you take the right dosage at the right time.

Creatine Dosing Information

Most pills weigh 5g. In the loading phase, it is recommended you take 20-30g of Creatine each day for 5 consecutive days which is equivalent to 4-6 pills. The pills are not meant to be taken at once. In the maintenance phase, one pill a day is enough before a workout.

Unbelievable Creatine Benefits

Creatine Supplements are quickly gaining popularity not only in bodybuilding world but for improving brain function and mood.

  1. Increases Muscle Size Fast

    After consistent supplementation with Creatine, it helps people add muscle mass. The Creatine Supplement has a property to cause the muscles to inflate giving the athlete or bodybuilder heavy muscle appearance.

  2. Improves Athletic Performance

    When Creatine is supplemented it can make an athlete stronger during high-intensity activities.  It is a source of energy for muscle contraction.

  3. May Help with Parkinson Disease

    In research carried on animal models, Creatine was able to inhibit damage to cells affected by Parkinson disease.

  4. Used in Treating Depression

    Even though evidence supporting Creatine role in alleviating symptoms of depression is scanty the small-scale studies carried out shows it may aid in warding off cases of depression. All in all, it is a promising therapeutic cure for women with depression and methamphetamine dependence.

  5. Improves Body and Brain Function

    For those looking to enhance their brain function, the Creatine pills provide cognitive effects. According to a set of studies conducted in Australia by Dr. Caroline Rae with the help of researchers from both the University of Sidney and Macquarie, they found evidence that Creatine Supplements not only improve memory but intelligence as well. In another research unveiled in 2007, it was concluded that Creatine had cognitive effects in the senior citizens.
    Also, Creatine averts damages to your genetics for instance preventing damages to nerve cells and stopping fats from oxidizing of the blood. Creatine increases the level of Adenosine triphosphate making the brain less susceptible to depression experiences.

  6. Enhances Aerobic Capacity

    If your fitness goal includes enhancing aerobic capacity then Creatine can help you reach that target by improving the supply of oxygenated blood and nutrient flow to the working muscles. An improvement in aerobic capacity helps in attaining flexibility. Aerobic capacity is vital in dance classes too. And the best part, you can use Creatine Supplement to improve your performance and have fun at the same time.

  7. Enhances Recovery

    Creatine shortens recovery time. However, add some carbs to your diet to increase the rate of absorption. You can use a banana which is an incredible source of complex carbs or indulge in eating bread. Creatine reduces inflammation significantly after an exhaustive exercise.

  8. Bone Healing

    Creatine enhances the activity of alkaline phosphate which is an important marker for bone growth. According to researchers at the Institute of Cell Biology in Switzerland creatine can successfully be used to treat osteoporosis or therapy for bone fracture healing. The researchers observed that cell energy is vital for bone maintenance and development which is linked to osteoporosis.

Closing Thoughts on Creatine

Creatine is in the forefront of sports supplementation.  Most bodybuilders and athletes have used creatine supplements to improve their muscle size and strength over the past decade. Creatine application spans various age groups from people with low levels of creatine to older adults.

The good news is that there is no way creatine will turn you into a savage. In a nutshell, it is well-researched and safe to take. Creatine pills are sold like any other herbal supplements. It is important to purchase the pills from a reliable source to avoid any contamination. Creatine has its own share of controversies. Critics view it as potentially harmful to health. But that’s another story.


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