Melatonin Benefits
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Melatonin Supplement Benefits and Side Effects

What you need to know about melatonin


Melatonin is a hormone generated by a pea-sized gland in the middle of your brain to help the body adjust its internal biological clock. Your body’s clock may get out of its regular phase owing to occasional stresses, jet lag or work schedules.

Although, melatonin hormone is naturally produced by the body, in senior citizens the hormone receptors calcify with age. So the seniors have to live on Melatonin supplementation to improve their sleep.

Is melatonin for sleep safe to swallow each night?

If you don’t get enough sleep you can be tempted to take melatonin to achieve one the crucial things in life. Sleep is not only important for your physical health but a lack of it is linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

What are the Melatonin Time Release Benefits?

People who have trouble sleeping take time release melatonin supplement to help them fall asleep. The supplement gradually releases melatonin in your blood stream over a period of 7-8 hours so as to have a restful sleep.

  • Jet lag benefit
    When circadian rhythm doesn’t function properly to respond to light and darkness then melatonin is used to shift the phase and bring it back to order.
  • Calming effect
    Beyond sleep, Melatonin hormone pill is not only for sleeping but proponents say it is effective in sedating patients with tumors, anxiety due to surgery and insomnia due to drug addiction to reduce the risk of depression.
  • Benefits brain
    Melatonin activates a protein called BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor) which is vital for protecting nerve cells and regeneration. The supplement helps to suppress any injuries to the brain regions in traumatic brain experience.
  • Sunburn benefit
    There is a topical version of melatonin used to apply on the skin to protect it from sunburn.
  • Eye health
    Melatonin protects the eye from ocular diseases such as glaucoma by scavenging free radicals present in retinal cells.
  • Helps with both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer conditions
    Helps the patients have restful sleep by reducing oxidative stress.
    It is not certain whether Melatonin is effective in handling the medical conditions listed since it has not been approved by FDA.

What are the Melatonin Side Effects?

For nearly two decades Melatonin supplement has earned a spot in the medical world as a popular sleep aid. The synthetic version of the Melatonin hormone is simply classified as a dietary supplement.

And what’s worse is Melatonin supplement has acquired a reputation which is hard to shake regarding its use, safety and quick fixing of sleep disorder.

Wouldn’t it be great if we take a closer look at some of the melatonin side effects?

  • Feeling dizzy
    Although dizziness may occur due to an abrupt shift in blood pressure or position taking the supplement seems to magnify the effect. Some people feel off balance when taking melatonin supplements. If you consistently feel dizziness while using the pills discontinue immediately and consult a doctor.
  • Headache
    A headache may not begin suddenly in many people but after months of continuous usage. However, for those who already have a migraine, it may increase the headaches and feel drowsy.
    Many who have migraine crisis take refuge in melatonin supplements. To top it off, wrong self-medication may diminish the quality of your sleep rather than improving it.
  • Nausea
    High dosages are associated with nausea. On average the body generates 0.3mg – 0.8mg in one day of natural Melatonin hormone. Suppose you take melatonin dosage of 2mg twice per day you already go beyond what your body needs. You can find a time release melatonin supplement dosage as high available as 5mg tablets.
    Since the supplement is not regulated by FDA it may be sold at higher dosages than recommended.
  • Nightmares and dreams
    One of the side effects of Melatonin supplement is experiencing vivid dreams. Sadly, for people, who have a psychiatric or sleep disorders the nightmares may become more vivid within the first 10 days of taking the supplement. Chances are that psychiatric patient may experience panic attacks.
  • Issue of growth hormones
    Due to the fact that Melatonin is a hormone any unnatural quantities can cause other hormones in your body to be thrown off the balance. Increasing levels of melatonin hormone may greatly result is hormonal tailspin.
    Changes in hormones can be a shipwreck to some people depressing their moods as well as experiencing decreasing sex drive.
    Occasionally, even a tiny change may shrink testicles or cause the growth of breast in males. Other variations may include reduction or increments in cortisol, thyroid and growth hormones.
  • Allergic reactions
    Some users who consume Melatonin supplement report allergic reactions. Ingredients used in making supplements may instigate allergic responses like skin rash, stomach pain, swelling of lips or tongue or tightening of the chest. In case you experience any of the side effects discontinue using the pill and seek medical attention.

Closing thoughts

As much as you may need melatonin for your well-being and to support the REM sleep, the product is not a substitute for curing or preventing any disease.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, not all supplements are safe. Don’t forgo any conventional treatment and rely on the melatonin supplement particularly, people with psychiatric conditions, diabetes, hemophilia, blood pressure and expectant moms.

Supplement manufacturers toss a lot of lovely toxic into your sleeping pills in form of colors and Talc just to mention a few.


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