Dr. William Sen

Editor at Digitalwelt

Social Media Verlag

The Social Media Publishing House was founded to publish scientific works around Social Media Management.

Learn more about William Sen, one of the authors and writers of digitalwelt.

William was the founder of the social media publishing house (dissolved) with the intention to publish scientific publications around social media and social media management. The publishing house released the well-known Social Media Magazine, which is currently continued by the CSW publishing house. The idea, which emerged from the Social Media Publishing House finds its place in digitalwelt.org.

William is also the founder of digitalwelt.org

William's Favorite Quotes From Others

  • If you can’t write it right, you can’t think it right.
  • With or without a golden saddle, a donkey is a donkey.
  • If you stand up with anger, you will sit down with harm.
  • If you want to become an expert about something, write about it.

William's Own Quotes

  • If you don’t talk, you won’t be talked to.
  • If you don’t listen, you won’t be listened to.
  • You don’t need a mirror to see your reflection.
  • Most people regret what they’ve said, and rarely what they haven’t said.

William loves to create quotes. Below is a selection more of his own quotes:

  • If you want to be a winner, dare to lose.
  • You can’t let money work for you. It will be always people working for you.
  • Before you seek for answers, evaluate your question first.
  • Not the idea, neither money, nor knowledge alone is enough to accomplish your goals. You have to do something with them.
  • Logic can be an addiction. Use it and your life will make sense.
    You use it too much, nothing will make sense.
  • There is no such thing as a key to success. Every success has a different lock and can only be opened by an indivdual key.
  • One important part of learning is unlearning.
  • Curiosity is not necessarily a sign of intelligence.
  • Buying and eating what you don’t need, is the definition of greed.
  • Only when you’ve become old, you will realize, how much time you have spent on fears that didn't come true.
  • Be ordinary and everybody will endure you.
    Be extreme and some will love and some will hate you.
  • If you don’t value life, it won’t value you neither.
  • No matter how much you love money, it will never love you back.
  • Lousy employees are always the result of a lousy employer.
  • Mourning about getting old won’t change anything about it.
  • Others may have bigger problems, but the size of your problem will stay the same.
  • The search for perfection is an act of imperfection.
  • Most famous people don’t have new ideas. They just sell them better.
  • Even the smallest amount of money can make you rich, if you know how to use it.
  • Everybody is ready for love, until it hits them. Then nobody is.
  • The faster you think, the slower you will achieve your goals.
    The longer you think, the faster you will achieve your goals.
  • Don’t believe it just because you’ve heard it often.
  • The best way to finish work is to begin with it.
  • A person is like a company you need a concept when you’re young, a strategy when you’re an adult, preparation when you’re old.
  • You can’t have safety and the overview perspective at the same time. Either you climb or you go around.
  • If famousness is the only thing you have, then you have nothing.
  • Before you agree, understand first.
  • Laziness is the only thing that can be trained the best and the fastest.

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