Top Most Popular Webwarez Sites

  1. Mega.nz

    The successor of Megaupload is Mega.nz and follows similar principles. Users upload files, and others can download them. However you need to know the URL in order to download.
    > How to download files from Mega.nz

  2. Turbobit

    Turbobit is one of the most known alternatives to RapidShare. A few years ago users could find numerous search services for Rapidshare on the web. Today in 2019, the same principle applies to Turbobit.
    How to download files from Turbobit

Pirated Software Directly from Your Browser

In the early days of webwarez, casual software pirates rarely invested in their own websites to pursue their hobby of sharing and distributing warez. Casual software pirates usually were dependent on hosting providers that provided webspace for free.

Hosting companies were offering webspace to private users in the mid 90s. The placement of advertising and banners on the Internet was a profitable medium for many webspace providers in the late 90s. The users were often lured with the free email addresses, in order to be able to be supplied with advertising. However, those webspace offers were quickly misused. In order to get enough webspace to host a large amount of pirated software (warez) on these free webspace sites, software pirates created a great amount of accounts wherever they could.

Web Space Faker

Soon software pirates even created small programs, for example called “Web Space Faker”, which took away the tedious handwork of creating accounts manually. Within minutes, an occasional software pirate was able to register several dozen free websites on a webspace provider’s platform.

Police Investigations

In the late 90s, the police investigators were slowly but surely focused their endeavors to pursue software pirates to Internet.

The free webspace providers were soon forced to take responsibility for the content they were hosting. At first, a sort of cat-and-mouse game between hunter and software pirates followed. The first reaction of the webspace providers were to delete of the Webwarez, when they found them. But the software pirates usually acted quickly, and created new accounts to upload their pirated software again. The amount and speed of the software pirates overwhelmed the hosting providers, thus they couldn’t react fast enough to cleanse their webspaces of webwarez – even they worked tirelessly to maintain a clean and legal webspace environment. Eventually the webspace providers applied deleting systems which were able to detect pirated software and delete them automatically. These Webwarez Detectors were soon able to detect even fake accounts.

Geocities.com was one of the providers that had to experience an untiring battle had against software pirates. At that time, most of the webwarez seemed to origin from Geocities. In the end, the webspace industry could catch up with technologies and could eliminate webwarez.

Alternatives for Webwarez

The webwarez scene had had to turn to other alternatives to share pirated software.

In addition, many webspace providers had to stop their operations due to economic factors. Giving away free webspace to users soon turned out to be a non-profitable business strategy. Advertising revenues continued to decline, and the cost of the delivery was too high.

However, soon, a new webwarez scene was born: Filesharing and short later – the arise of the file hosting services such as RapidShare, MegaUpload and many more.

All About Webwarez Sites:

Turbobit Cloud Service Turbobit: The RapidShare Alternative

Do you miss RapidShare? Then Turbobit seems to be the best alternative so far. The principle is relatively similar, actually it’s quite the same. The only difference is that Turbobit is from Russia and their methods seem to be a little shady. However, it is possible to download software for free. All you need is the Turbobit search.

Mega Cloud Service How to Download Software from Mega.nz

The Mega.nz Cloud Service has been developed by its predecessors Mega. it is one the largest Cloud Services, but what it really does is to provide lots of copyrighted material known as Warez such as Movies, Music, Software, and other things. As it doesn’t allow search from its portal, it is possible to find all the software with a simple trick.

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Operation Site Down FBI Operation Site Down

It was one of the FBI’s last attempts to shatter the organized piracy groups once and for all. However instead, the FBI realized that there were dealing with an organization that had been around for more than 35 years. And they were fed by a hacker ideology that was founded in the 50s. Short later the hacking groups even grew bigger.


In the early 90s, webwarez were almost everywhere. Everybody was able to download pirated software by just using their browser. Short later, webspace providers were able to manage their spaces and regain control of their platforms. However, that trend short later led to Filesharing and File Hosting Servers.