The Russian company Turbobit is one of the largest providers of warez where users can directly download from their browsers.

The company likes to disguise itself as a “cloud service”. But the principle is actually pretty simple – as a user you can upload any kind of data to the server. If you know the link, you can just download whatever has been uploaded. Currently, Turbobit does not look as if they are assuring that copyrighted materials are being removed in any way. Thus, it is possible to upload any kind of copyrighted software undetected from Turbobit.

Turbobit Search Service

Turbobit does not offer a search under their own platform. However, they are enough search services that will help the user to find what its looking for:

1. The Turbobit Search

Most of the links that lead to Turbobit files can be found Thus, the portal is one of the most popular and hubs when it comes to finding files, which are available for download at Turbolift .

How Safe is Tubobit?

Turbobit’s business model is simple. The download speed for movies, music, or software is limited and can take several hours if the free service is used. On the other hand, Turbobit has plans where users can download without any speed limits such as the Turbobit Premium Account. It is to be expected that most of the users who become subscribers to Turbobit will only do this to download warez at a high speed.

There is no search feature at Turbobit itself to find out where the warez are. However, there are numerous third-party providers who have set themselves the goal of finding and listing URLs that lead users to the webwarez at Turbobit. Users can find them on the websites mentioned above to download software.

Overall, the way the company handles members is questionable. It is reported in numerous forums that paid premium accounts are being closed for no reason. A subscription should therefore be avoided as far as possible. It is also unclear whether Turbobit offers security at all, if you leave your credit card data. There is also no way to find out of Turbobit stores the download logs and names of the subscribers. It is possible that police investigators could retrieve this list if one is available to use it against the subscribers. Therefore it is recommended to avoid the premium account of Tubobit at all times!

All About Webwarez Sites:

Turbobit Cloud Service Turbobit: The RapidShare Alternative

Do you miss RapidShare? Then Turbobit seems to be the best alternative so far. The principle is relatively similar, actually it’s quite the same. The only difference is that Turbobit is from Russia and their methods seem to be a little shady. However, it is possible to download software for free. All you need is the Turbobit search.

Mega Cloud Service How to Download Software from

The Cloud Service has been developed by its predecessors Mega. it is one the largest Cloud Services, but what it really does is to provide lots of copyrighted material known as Warez such as Movies, Music, Software, and other things. As it doesn’t allow search from its portal, it is possible to find all the software with a simple trick.

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