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The Best Natural Appetite Suppressant Herbs

Decrease Your Appetite with Natural Herbs

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We all experience intense cravings for junk food from time to time. However, eating meals that are rich in calories only helps us to gain weight. Good news is, there exists certain herbs that suppress appetite.

These herbs, when consumed regularly, can help you manage you overall body weight. It’s important to talk to a doctor before incorporating these natural appetite suppressant herbs into your diet. It’s also crucial to include a sound diet and exercise regimen into your weight loss program since appetite suppressing herbs cannot work effectively in isolation.

  1. Green Tea
  2. It’s one of the healthiest herbs in the planet. Ever since its curative properties were discovered thousands of years ago, it has been widely used to treat a myriad of ailments. Certain compounds in green tea have been found to regulate the hormones responsible for inducing appetite. Studies carried out on volunteers found that green tea helped to reduce the levels of ghrelin hormone (the hunger hormone).
    Green tea also boosts the production of adiponectin, a hormone whose deficiency can lead to issues such as escalated inflammation, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. It’s recommended that you drink around 900 mg of green tea daily to get the best results.

  3. Spicy Herbs
  4. These include turmeric, cayenne, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon. Spicy foods have the ability to suppress hunger pangs, increase the body’s metabolic rate, normalize the level of glucose in your blood and lessen the damage of free radicals. Studies even show that consuming certain spices such as red pepper leads to high thermogenesis (the burning up of body fat due to heat).
    Some herbs also contain capsaicin, a phytochemical that’s responsible for the spiciness. Capsaicin helps to control metabolism by affecting certain transient receptors located within the body’s digestive system.

  5. Alfalfa
  6. This diuretic is one of the most effective herbs to curb appetite. The alfalfa aids in digestion and prevents fat from building up in the adipose layer. Saponin is the active ingredient in alfalfa. Studies that have been carried out with the saponin compound indicate that it makes fat to become more soluble. In addition, they help maintain healthy arteries and blood vessels.
    Alfalfa’s leaves also contain various isoflavones, flavones and sterols, making this herb an effective appetite suppressor.

  7. The Burdock Root
  8. For ages, this herb has been used to purify blood as well as detoxify the liver and kidneys. In addition to its purifying properties, the burdock is also one of the best natural appetite suppressant herbs. Its active ingredients include polyphenolic acid and inulin.
    Burdock also offers amazing health benefits which include monitoring cholesterol levels in the body and controlling blood sugar. It is rich with vitamins C and E as well as riboflavin and folic acid. To consume it, pour an ounce into a pot of boiling water, simmer for about 20 minutes and allow to cool.

  9. Bee Pollen
  10. Bee pollen is one of the best herbs to curb appetite and increase energy levels in the body. According to a study conducted in Russia, a single teaspoon of bee pollen taken daily is enough to increase body energy, burn fat and suppress appetite.
    Bee pollen is rich in phenylalanine, an amino acid that sends certain signals to the brain to help control hunger. Apart from being among the most effective herbs to curb appetite, bee pollen has been used for generations to extend longevity and prevent infections.

  11. Garcinia Cambogia
  12. This herb grows widely in parts of Southern Asia. It’s also used as an active ingredient in numerous weight loss formulas. Garcinia Cambodia contains a high concentration of hydroxycitrate (HCA), a key ingredient in many weight loss products in the market. Research suggests that this herb prevents lipid droplet accumulation in the liver and cells.
    Studies are still underway to establish the effectiveness of Garcinia Cambodia in weight loss among humans. However, it’s one of those herbs that suppress appetite and aid in fat metabolism.

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