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Organic Lavender Soap Benefits

Why You Should Use It

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Bathing is one of the most enjoyable activities of the day. The soap you use when your shower not only affects your skin, it also affects your mood. Lavender soap is made from the aromatic lavender herb, a herb that is popular for its numerous health benefits.

The fresh, floral scent of lavender has a calming effect on the body and can even be used to treat stress, depression and anxiety. In addition, lavender oil helps to treat acne and other skin infections. There’s all the reason to use organic lavender soap in your bath.

Benefits of Organic Lavender Soap

1. Relieving Stress

Jumping into the shower after a long day’s work is meant to relax you and wash all the stress down the drain. Lavender soap has some stress-relieving capabilities and can even help you fall into a deep sleep.

2. Treating Cuts, Wounds and Insect Bites

Lavender oil contains strong antibacterial properties that help to heal cuts and abrasions on the skin. It is also a powerful antiseptic that’s capable of killing disease-causing pathogens that inhabit your skin. Lavender soap will also smoothen your skin and make it glow.

3. Fresh Fragrance

For years, lavender has been used as perfume and as an air freshener. Lavender soap has a sweet natural scent with subtle floral overtones, making it a darling among ladies around the world. You can also use this soap when washing laundry.

4. Creamy Lather

Most lavender soaps are double and triple milled to ensure they produce a rich, creamy lather. These soaps are ideal for bubble baths and can also be used as hair shampoo.

Types of Organic Lavender Soap

1. Lavender Hand Soap

The perfect hand soap should be able to clean your hands and leave them feeling soft. Lavender hand soap does exactly this. This non-drying soap eliminates dirt and grease from your hands, leaving them feeling incredibly soft. It’s also the best solution for dry, cracked skin.

Lavender hand soap has a nice, floral scent that’s characteristic of the organic lavender oil that we’ve all come to love. The scent is just enough – not too overwhelming to make you uncomfortable.

2. Lavender Bar Soap

You can use lavender bar soap to clean just about anything. The soap smells incredible and you can use it in your bath. The fact that it’s made with pure lavender extract makes it perfect for your skin. Lavender has long been used for its relaxing effects. Bathing with lavender bar soap will therefore help you unwind after a long, stressful day.

You can also use lavender bar soap on your hands, since it leaves them feeling silky smooth. This soap has the ability to rejuvenate your skin.

3. English Lavender Soap

Everybody loves a creamy soap that lathers richly during bath time. The English lavender soap is triple milled to offer that extra creamy lather we all love. It is also scented with sweet-smelling lavender fragrance that will relax you and lift your spirits.

English lavender soap contains a number of ingredients that are good for you. Apart from lavender extract, the soap also contains shea butter that moisturizes your skin and bergamot oil that makes your skin glow.

4. French Lavender Soap

France, the country of love, is known for its eye-catching scenery, enviable dialect, beautiful people and invigorating aromas. It’s not surprising that French lavender soap is popular for its rich floral scent and cleansing power. The soap deeply cleanses and exfoliates your hands, leaving them feeling soft.
Some people consider French lavender soap to be exceedingly fragrant. Truth is, the soap contains higher concentrations of lavender that will leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed.

5. Lavender Liquid Soap

This biodegradable liquid soap is good for the environment and great for your skin. Lavender liquid soap lathers richly and produces an incredibly fresh scent. Is your hair thinning or falling off? This soap can act as a natural shampoo that effectively prevents hair loss and event promotes its re-growth.

Lavender liquid soap can also be used as a hand and body soap. It’ll help you relax and make your skin look amazing.

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