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Best Meditation Apps 2024

Mindfulness Meditation Apps: Food For Your Mind

Meditation is one of the purest forms of relaxation in existence. Not only does it help individuals to achieve a blissful calmness, it’s also the best way to reflect and relieve the stresses of everyday life. Meditation is less about religion and more about an individual’s desire to achieve self-awareness. Numerous people around the globe are embracing mindfulness meditation to get in sync with their inner selves – their thoughts, emotions and aspirations. And with a wide assortment of meditation apps available in the market, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t practice some peaceful meditation for yourself. You’ll be glad you started.We have chosen the best and most active apps in the space for you:

Top Meditation Apps 2024

1 Headspace Meditation App
Headspace Meditation App
Review 5.0
If size is what matters, then Headspace is the way to go. As one the largest meditation apps with more than a million installs, Headspace seems to have to largest market share among meditation apps. And it’s popular, too.
2 The Mindfulness App
The Mindfulness App
Review 4.9
The Mindfulness App has a long tradition when it comes to meditation apps. The quality of the app and the tutors are great, However, as one of the market leaders, it doesn't come cheap for the user. Installation is free, but if you want more…
3 Calm Meditation App
Calm Meditation App
Review 4.8
Calm is not the favorite of apps among meditation experts. It's an app for the mass because of its more cliché and doubtful promises. Can meditation really help to sleep, heal and help you to lose weight? If you believe it, Calm might be the right app for you.

Meditation Apps

With the upraise of apps, you no longer need meditation CDs or podcasts. Today’s meditation apps are also not just a collection of guided meditation music. They provide videos, interviews and bonus material. And on top of it most apps are being updated on a regular basis. Of course, they are some meditation apps out there which still profit from their reputation while the development has stopped long time ago.

Why Get a Meditation App?

If you’re looking for the best meditation app, you’ll be pleased to discover the wide variety of apps in the market. Gone are the days when you needed to book an appointment with a trainer for a deeply satisfying meditation session. Today, there’s an assortment of meditation apps available for both Android and iPhone. It’s wise to pick a daily meditation app that suits your taste and schedule perfectly. The app’s diverse functionalities should also be considered before making your pick. For instance, one app could offer you 10 mindfulness meditation exercises for free, further giving you the option to purchase more exercises whenever you deem fit.

Benefits of Meditation App

  1. Better Sleep Quality
    Numerous controlled trials have been conducted on patients suffering from insomnia. The insomniacs were treated to personal meditation exercises for around 8 weeks. According to the meta-analysis that ensued, the quality of their sleep improved dramatically within the two months. Their overall waking time also improved significantly. Sleep is crucial for the normal operation of the human body. Getting quality sleep not only helps you to lose fat but also gives you a healthy kick-start to your day. A daily meditation app will therefore help you rekindle your normal sleeping patterns.
  2. Reducing Stress
    The worst thing about stress is its adverse effects. Although we deal with some type of stress every day, too much of it can agitate us and even make us go insane. The use of anti-anxiety medication has been on the increase, a worrying fact that reveals the adversity of our modern lifestyles. Luckily, mindfulness meditation exercises can help you to control your emotions. You can download the sleep meditation app that’s right for you. Less stress consequently leads to more fulfilling relationships with friends and loved ones.
  3. Improving your Concentration Span
    Getting the best meditation app can help to improve your sharpness as well as your overall concentration span. As one lady named Sara Robinson admitted, performing mindfulness meditation exercises helped her to become more focused and centered. She also found herself less distracted than ever before. The best mindfulness app will not only help you relax but also improve your ability to multitask. Experts concur that mindfulness meditation increases improves you memory and helps you to focus on all your tasks, however minute. It does this by connecting you to your core energy source.
  4. Slows Down Aging
    Are you tired of people calling you old and wrinkly? Getting the best meditation app might help. According to numerous studies revolving around this area, meditation alters the brain’s physiology and decelerates the aging process. Researchers have also determined that meditators preserve their cognition more efficiently. Perhaps the most interesting effect of meditation is its ability to stimulate the growth of longer telomeres (chromosome caps that indicate an individual’s biological age). In extension, the stress-relieving properties of mindfulness meditation prevents your skin from wrinkling up. The best mindfulness app will therefore help you live a tad longer.
  5. It Boosts Your Self-Acceptance
    Most working professionals these days are either buried in their work or running home to spend time with their families. Amidst all the commotion, they end up forgetting to take care of themselves. Their health deteriorates and they grow apart with their inner selves each passing day. This leads to the development of ailments such as multiple sclerosis. However, performing mindfulness meditation using your preferred sleep meditation app can help you turn things around. It allows you to accept yourself as you explore your deeper self. In the end, you realize that you’re more important than that company you’ve been laboring for every day.

How Do Meditation Apps Work?

The best mindfulness app is designed to offer you complete tranquility and help you relax. Although different mindfulness meditation apps have varying functionalities, they should all share the basic traits of a good daily meditation app – they should help users to calm down, handle their stress levels and reconnect with their core sources of energy. Meditation apps are specially created to suit your needs and meditation level. Whether you are a beginner, a guru or in the intermediate stage, it’s possible to find the best mindfulness app for you.

By reducing the levels of epinephrine, a notorious stress hormone, meditation is able to benefit people suffering from stress disorders. Researchers have also unearthed that deep meditation techniques help to reduce cholesterol levels within the bloodstream, thus ridding your body of the harmful kind of cholesterol which has the potential to clog up your arteries. Performing consistent mindfulness meditation exercises with the help of the appropriate sleep meditation app will not only help you calm down under pressure, it will also clear your blood vessels. This spells good news for those looking to improve their overall health.

There are numerous meditation apps that you can download using your smartphone. They include Headspace, Buddhify, The Mindfulness App, Calm and Simple Habit. Each daily meditation app has its benefits and drawbacks. Headspace, for instance, is extremely popular among newbies as well as those in the intermediate stages of meditation. It contains simple mindfulness meditation exercises that you can perform wherever you are, and is available for free in both Android and iPhone devices. Simple Habit, on the other hand, is designed for individuals who have busy lifestyles. It allows you to set aside 5 minutes for pure meditation.

The best mindfulness app should have appropriate guided meditations. In guided meditation, you either rely on your meditation teacher to guide you through or you listen intently to the recordings of a meditation app. Since you want to exploit your daily meditation app to the fullest, ensure that the app you get contains portions of guided meditation exercises. Your guide will ask you to sit in a comfortable position or lie down. You’ll then be led through a myriad of relaxing postures. At the end of the mindfulness meditation session, your stress will have faded away and your thoughts will be crystal clear.

Are Meditation Apps Free?

The best sleep meditation app can be downloaded for free. These apps are also available on a wide variety of platforms, from Android to Apple Operating System. Some meditation apps offer you basic mindfulness meditation techniques for free, but there’s the option of upgrading to more involving exercises at a small monthly or yearly fee. Some of the best mindfulness app in this category are Headspace, and The Mindfulness App. Other meditation apps offer their meditation services completely free. Smiling Mind, for instance, is an exquisite sleep meditation app designed for kids at 7 years and above. It is free and easy to use.

Before you decide to download any mindfulness meditation app, find out which one best suits your specific needs. Simply Being, for instance, offers you different nature sounds as a relaxing therapy. Meditation Studio, on the other hand, is the best meditation app for individuals desiring to listen to diverse guided meditation voices. When it comes to mindfulness meditation, different people have varying preferences. Some individuals might use Simple Habit due to their busy schedules while others might choose Headspace as their best mindfulness app due to its simple exercises. There’s even an app for those having an awful day: Stop, Breathe & Think. It encourages you to use only 10 seconds to reflect on your physical, mental and emotional states.

With such a wide assortment of meditation apps available, there’s no reason why you should remain in that restless, stressful state. You can even get a sleep meditation app to help you achieve a deep, fulfilling rest when you retire to bed. The best mindfulness app needn’t be expensive. In fact, you can get all the basic features totally free, then upgrade at a later date. Most importantly, ensure you enjoy your mindfulness meditation!

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