Channeling Meditation
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What is Channeling Meditation?

Types of Channeling Meditation Styles

Meditation has a wide variety of techniques and transcends all beliefs. The more traditional forms of meditation are aimed at calming your mind, easing your thoughts and training your brain to achieve balance.

But over the years, a spiritual-oriented type of meditation has cropped up. This has led some people to try out some form of higher self meditation called “channeling meditation”. There’s still a lot of controversy surrounding channeling meditation among reputable meditators. Although experts remain skeptical, a small facet of people have warmed up to the idea of channeling your higher self to achieve a deeper sense of reality of clarity in life.

What’s the scientific backing?

Unfortunately for the tiny community of meditators who practice channeling meditation, no concrete scientific evidence exists to support this practice. Channeling isn’t a new phenomenon – it started years ago, at the cradle of civilization. Back then, humans were still fascinated by the thought of contacting the dead. Spirit channeling was one way in which people attempted to talk to non-human entities by finding a channel connecting the real world and the spirit world. However, a series of fraud cases were discovered after carrying out numerous investigations. As a result, the practice of channeling lost tremendous credibility.

The rise of channeling meditation

Some people believe that when you pass away, you proceed to the astral plane of existence. Human beings live in the physical plane. By channeling your higher self, you’re able to diverge from the physical plane and gain access into the spiritual plane. Sadly, some individuals are misled into believing that they can talk to departed souls using higher self meditation. They’re also lured into the fallacy of achieving inner clarity using channeling meditation. One experiment done by the distinguished British Psychological Society was conducted to identify whether some chosen individuals possessed any channeling abilities. The results were conclusive: none of the subjects demonstrated any form of mediumistic ability.

Sometimes, reality is a bitter pill to swallow. Dr. Maria Camara talks about the real power of meditation in her Mind Talk. She says that meditation allows grieving individuals to deal with the pain of loss. Meditation helps us to let go of our worrying thoughts, allowing us to heal and creating love capacity within us. In this way, we’re able to accept the reality of things as they are. On the other hand, channeling your higher self has the opposite effect – you end up feeling frustrated after failing to contact a departed soul.

Channeling Meditation Styles

Trance channeling involves falling into a hypnotic, semi-conscious state so as to establish communication between two realms (the physical and non-physical planes). In this channeling style, the channeler supposedly acts as a vessel through which a “higher being” communicates to the outside world.

Conscious channeling is yet another style of higher self meditation in which the channeler acts as a mere observer. She doesn’t surrender her body to the being. Rather, she puts her own awareness in the background, using meditation to enter an altered state and allowing some higher entity to communicate through her.

Automatic writing is another technique that’s supposedly used for channeling your higher self. It’s quite unique. The channeler allows an otherworldly entity to use her hands during communication. These hands are used to write down a message. Automatic writing can happen so fast that it’s hard for the meditator to keep up. Again, it’s important to point out that these channeling meditation techniques have no scientific backing at all.

That’s all the information you ought to know about channeling meditation. It’s definitely not black and white, there’s so much that it still unknown about this topic. What we’re sure of is that practicing daily mindful meditation offers you tremendous peace of mind and helps you to appreciate everything that happens in life. In the end, finding closure is all you need to get over grief.

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