Preventing Hair Loss
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Best Vitamins to Prevent Hair Loss

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Are you experiencing hair falls in tremendous amounts and all you want is to jump straight into hair transplant? Now stop right there! It may not be necessary. Don’t worry there is a solution. Some vital vitamins can easily reverse hair loss. Nutrient deficiency contributes immensely to hair loss.

When someone looks away from your eyes and ends up looking at your head, you suspect something is not right. Most women feel so frustrated, powerless and pathetic when they experience hair loss.

  1. Vitamin A

    Vitamin A is very important because it helps the scalp produce sebum which keeps the scalp moisturized. This keeps the root hairs hydrated thus maintaining the hair follicle. Most hairs fall off as a result of a dry scalp. Falling off hair during combing or other activities is one of the main causes of hair loss. Keeping the root hairs lubricated prevents hair loss. Sources of vitamin A are carrots, peaches, spinach, and apricots. Those are the major sources of vitamin A.

  2. Vitamin C

    Vitamin C plays a role in protecting the skin from free radicals, production of red blood cells and collagen. Free radicals cause graying or falling off of your hair. Red blood cells are also vital in transporting oxygen and nutrients to body cells. Cells require nutrients and oxygen so as to enhance growth and keep healthy.
    Vitamin C keeps your skin and organs together including the scalp. The nutrient ensures that red blood cells are found in abundance thus the scalp cells will receive food in plenty. Collagen is a protein which keeps the hair firm and healthy. The protein is built and maintained by Vitamin C. And another thing vitamin C helps in absorbing iron which keeps your strands strong and healthy.

  3. Vitamin B’s

    Vitamin B6 is essential in preventing hair loss because it is responsible for promoting blood circulation and contribute immensely to healthy hair. Proper blood circulation warrants that all nutrients reach the necessary cells thus keeping them healthy. If the cells are functioning normally then the hair follicle is kept in good condition. Sources of this vitamin B are vegetables, whole grains, and eggs.

    Vitamin B5: Deficiency of this vitamin will result in hair loss because the follicles don’t receive enough nutrients so as to function well. Malnourishment of the follicles leads to a reduction in hair growth and a likely hair loss.

    Vitamin B7 is also known as Biotin important for the health of your skin, nails, and hair. Low levels of vitamin B7 leads to thinning of the hair. You can take biotin supplements to improve the quality of your hair.

    Vitamin B12: This vitamin is important because it keeps the hair strong enough and firm on the roots so that it does not be dropped off within a whiff. Hair thinning is a good reason for hair loss therefore if the hair is kept strong and healthy reduces the chance of it falling off.

    It is also important in ensuring that women do not suffer from hair loss. Lack of this vitamin causes hair loss in most women, therefore, it should be supplemented by foods such as milk, fish and other sources of white meat.

  4. Vitamin D

    Vitamin D together with calcium enhances hair growth thus preventing hair loss. The combination of this two is important for hair follicle cycling. A deficiency of this type of vitamin results to hair loss mostly in men. Basking so that the skin can convert the sun rays to vitamin D and fortified milk is a good source of this vitamin which will ensure that hair loss problems are eradicated.

  5. Vitamin E

    Vitamin E prevents hair loss by building and repairing tissues. If applied to the scalp Vitamin E reduces inflammation and repairs any damage to the follicles. It heals damaged skin which including the scalp. Vitamin E is also available in form of dietary supplements. Sources of vitamin E include spinach, avocado, butternut squash, sunflower seeds and almonds.

Final Thoughts on Preventing Hair Loss with Vitamins

Besides cutting back on blow dry you shouldn’t brush your hair when it’s wet. Also, reducing the use of gels will go a long way in preventing hair loss. Lower your stress levels and exercise more at least 30 minutes each day. Did you know mild dehydration can sap energy from your hair roots and cause it to fall off? Drink 8 glasses of water to improve hair thinning and rid it of dandruff.

Women have most problems of hair loss because of pregnancy, menopause and the chemicals they use on their hair. The only way to keep the hair strong and healthy is to ensure that you take relevant vitamins to prevent hair loss.

As much as hormones and genetics may contribute to hair loss consult a dermatologist to rule out other medical conditions like thyroid, scalp or autoimmune disease. Other serious causes of hair loss include chemotherapy, malnutrition, stress, and serious illnesses like auto-immune disorders.


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