Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Benefits
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Benefits of the Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) for Your Body

All You Have to Know About the CLA Supplement


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a blend of diverse isomers of linoleic acid present in cheese, meat and dairy products from grass-fed cows. Since your body cannot produce the Omega 6 fatty acid then you have to consume it through diet or supplementation.

CLA fatty acid is a curious case of any researcher who wants to determine precisely how CLA weight loss works. Some researchers claim the rise of obesity among Americans is due to less CLA in their diet. Today farmers use corn to feed the cows because it is considered inexpensive than grass.

In this article, we want to explore finer details regarding Conjugated Linoleic Ccid for instance how it boosts your metabolic rate. Besides, outlining some of CLA benefits and any possible side effects.

Amazing CLA Benefits You Should Know

Because of its fat burning ability, CLA is fast gaining popularity amongst many different people. Its utility extends beyond bodybuilding and weight loss but also boosting your immune system.

Supplemental CLA safflower oil available in most drug stores is blended with safflower oil and other ingredients. Actually, it is good for people looking for health regimen for losing weight.

CLA increases serotonin levels, suppresses your appetite and blocks your cells from holding more fats to improve your health. Naturally, blocking cells interferes with lipoprotein lipase which is an enzyme responsible for storing fat.

Sounds impressive, right? High levels of Serotonin help your body’s digestive system as well as maintaining bone health.

Lowers Blood Pressure

CLA works in tandem with ramipril to lower the blood pressure for people with overwhelming blood pressure. CLA release a protein called adiponectin which is secreted by the adipose tissue. Obese people have low levels of adiponectin which is responsible for regulating the release of fat.

Speeds Up Metabolic Rate

If you are athletic and you are trying to burn some fat CLA is a very good option to lose weight. The CLA supplements fly off the shelves because of its contribution to weight loss.

It is not just magically losing weight but a systematic alteration of your fat to muscle ratio to increase the rate at which you use your energy.
Essentially, when CLA is used alongside exercise and a planned diet it increases basal metabolic rate.

Reduce Food-Induced Food Allergic Reactions

When people with seasonal allergies consume foods rich in CLA or take CLA supplements their well-being and symptoms improve.

Boosts Immune System

CLA improves the ability of the body to function properly by fighting off bacteria.


CLA limits tumor growth in various spots of your body. It protects against different kind of cancers which includes breast, skin, colorectal, stomach and prostate.


CLA has greatly revolutionized fitness industry because it is touted for improving lean tissue mass which is why most bodybuilding supplements add CLA in their formulas. Maintaining extra muscle mass protects against osteoporosis.

Prevents Certain Heart Diseases

The antioxidant properties of CLA help prevent heart problems by ensuring the fat stored is used efficiently to avoid any kind of build-up of arterial plague that reduces the speed of blood flow. The clogging of your arteries greatly increases chances of stroke, heart attack and in worst case scenarios death.

Sources of CLA

  1. Cream, cheese, yogurt from grass-fed goat, cow or sheep
  2. Beef from grass-fed cow
  3. Grass-fed lamb, turkey, seafood, and veal

Common CLA Side Effects

Does CLA affect your health? Is it safe?

As with any supplement or food content, the upsurge in popularity of linoleic acid brings a slew of misinformation as well as unfair allegations. Consuming CLA in its natural form in food is considered safe.

Taking CLA is good for healthy subjects. It may not be a good idea for a type 2 diabetic. Don’t consume CLA supplements with the expectation that it will magically fix some if not all your medical conditions.
However, in some people, CLA supplements may cause negative effects like fatigue, diarrhea, stomach upset and nausea.

Risks of Heart Disease

High doses of CLA may get rid of “good” cholesterol (HDL) responsible for carrying “bad” cholesterol away from the arteries back to your liver.

Surgery Risk

If you are scheduled to undergo surgery please stop taking CLA supplements for at least 2 weeks. Why? It may cause excess bleeding before and after your surgery.

Diabetic Risk

If you suffer metabolic syndrome or diabetes CLA may negatively affect how the body absorbs sugar therefore, worsening the blood sugar control.

Closing Thoughts

Gulping several glasses of milk will not provide you with enough CLA for the body. Why? The feeding practice of livestock for the last 50 years has greatly changed, therefore, expunging naturally occurring CLA from your diet.

Although conjugated linoleic acid promises treatment of obese people there is little conclusive evidence that it can be used to achieve weight loss.
Unfortunately, some of the studies carried out in animals may be inconsistent with studies in humans. Particularly, doses given to animals could be higher than those given to humans.

One of the greatest concerns of many consumers of supplements is safety. Consult your doctor before adding CLA supplement in your routine.


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