Omega 3 for Your Body

Fish Oil Supplements

Many nutrition experts agree that Fish Oil Supplements are the best way to deliver a daily dose of Omega 3 to your body. It is like consuming a whole fish.

Fish Oil is found in a certain type of fish. Essentially, your body needs Omega 3 fatty acid to survive. Millions of people take Fish Oil supplements to support heart and vascular health. However, a new analysis suggests that most of them may not get value for what they bargained for.

If you are looking for Fish Oil Supplement which offers value then for every serving it should contain at least 1000 mg of EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids.

Fish Oil Supplements Benefits

This is a starting point for people who want to consider using Fish Oil supplements and experience the numerous Fish Oil vitamins benefits. Admittedly, you will discover stacks of these claims strewn about the internet. Let’s get started:

Brain Health

Fish Oil provides relief for people suffering from depression, restlessness, diminished sexual desire, mental fatigue and some other mental disorders. Although, it is under research Fish Oil may be useful in stabilizing moods and treating bipolar disorders.


Fish Oil can be useful in reducing the impact of the enzyme responsible for destroying cartilage.

Reduces inflammation

If you chronically suffer inflammation diseases Fish Oil supplements reduce inflammation in the blood and tissues. But that’s not all, for people suffering from ulcerative colitis, Fish Oil inhibits the buildup of leukotriene on the colon. Still, more research is being carried out to increase the anti-inflammatory reputation of Fish Oil, mostly when combined with other nutritional supplements and medicines.

Women’s Health and  Pregnancy

Some women take Fish Oil supplements to avert painful periods and breast pains. It is also important for an expectant mother to take Fish Oil Supplements for the overall development of the child and individual well-being.

It is believed that a woman whose diet is deficient of EPA and DHA can suffer depression after birth since there is a transfer of a certain amount of brain mass from the mother to the child in the final phases of pregnancy.

Sight Health

Fish Oil supplementation improves vision. Furthermore, it can be taken to help those suffering from glaucoma. It is effective for dry eyes and cataracts too.

ADHD Condition

Fish Oil has the potential to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) because of the high concentration of fatty acid. Fish Oil supplements can be a remedy for children suffering from short attention span, learning disorder, hasty or those who have low IQ.

Skin Care

Fish Oil supplements make the skin shiny and vibrant. Also, it can greatly improve a dry skin.

Blood Circulation

Fish Oil is able to improve blood circulation besides reducing triglyceride and serum cholesterol intensities. Nevertheless, the study on improvement of blood circulation was only carried out in rats. But here’s the interesting thing, Fish Oil promotes shiny hair in both cats and dogs. Similarly, the supplement helps them with arthritis a common ailment in pets.

Fish Oil Supplements Side Effects

For an average healthy person, taking a Fish Oil capsule is safe. However, side effects occur over time as well as with large doses of the supplement.

The most common side effect is a bad breath. But taking too much Fish Oil can also cause heatburn, nausea, loose stools, and rash.

Especially people with fish allergies should be careful when supplementing with Fish Oils. Some may experience swelling, skin rashes, itching and difficulty breathing. This goes for children and pregnant women.

If you have a heart condition particularly when the heart is unable to receive sufficient blood flow or take insulin avoid Fish Oil supplementation.

Others experience acid reflux and bloating.

Take small dosages with meals. Slowly increase the amount you take. It will help reduce some of the common side effects.

Large doses of Fish Oil supplement may increase the risk of bleeding. Why is this so? Fish Oil enhances the breaking down of blood clots at the same time stops the platelets from clumping together.

And another thing, pregnant women should avoid cod liver oil extracted from the fish’s liver rich in retinal and vitamin A because it is catastrophic for the baby. However, Fish Oil made from the body of the fish is much safer.

Seek medical help when you experience allergic reactions before it gets out of hand. If you are taking blood thinner medication or insulin consult your doctor before embarking on Fish Oil Supplements.

Closing Thoughts

The truth is our bodies don’t make Omega 3. So it must come from either food or Fish.

For long term effects, Fish Oil Supplements should be accompanied by lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet and exercise to assist in lowering triglyceride levels in your blood.

Most sources of fish are contaminated for instance farmed fish may be polluted with toxins and genetically engineered organisms from the grains they are fed with.

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