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Iron Vitamin Benefits and Side Effects

Iron Supplement Side Effects


Iron is a vital mineral needed in the body. Not only does it transport oxygen and carbon dioxide but also performs many other important roles in your body. Plenty of iron is found in the hemoglobin of red blood cells (erythrocyte) and in the myoglobin (iron+ oxygen binding protein) of muscle cells.

In countries like Canada and USA grains such as pasta and those used in breakfast are fortified with iron to correct nutrient deficiencies among the population. But the bottom line is this if you are pregnant or has certain illnesses such as anemia then you should take the mineral to enjoy Iron vitamin benefits which you cannot get from ordinary diets.

Although iron is vital for your overall health too much of it may lead toxicity and life frightening. When you take as directed iron vitamins are not likely to have side effects.

  1. Temporarily Stains Your Teeth

    Staining is common with the liquid iron supplements.

  2. Unfriendly Taste in Your Mouth

    Iron supplements are good for health. But here’s the problem you may burp more than normal leaving a horribly bad taste in your mouth.

  3. Iron Overload Syndrome

    This is a condition where there is a build-up of iron of in your body and cannot be absorbed. It may be a hereditary disorder called hemochromatosis or repeated transfusion. Resist from taking any iron supplements. Trust me. You’ll be glad you did. Too much iron will be toxic to your organs.

  4. Interact with Several Medications

    Some medicines or medical conditions may interact with iron supplements. Check with your doctor to identify which drugs or herbs are interacting with iron.

  5. Iron Overdose

    Iron overdose may vary from mild to severe symptoms like diarrhea, fever, vomiting and stomach pains.

  6. Accidental Ingestion of Iron Supplements

    Iron poisoning occurs when excess iron corrodes the tissue lining of your stomach and intestines. Children especially those under 6 years swallow adult iron vitamins causing bleeding, acidosis, shock and even death.

Other iron vitamin side effects may include a feeling headache and Colored stool/urine

Unforgettable Iron Supplement Benefits

  1. Better Athletic Performance

    Inadequate iron among the athletes reduces their athletic performances and for that reason, their immune system weakens as well. Lack of hemoglobin brings with it shortness of breath, dizziness, and tingling of legs because the muscles fail to receive enough oxygen. Remember iron carries oxygen to the muscles and the brain too!

  2. More Energy

    Iron brings fresh oxygen to your system through the blood stream. If you like working out take iron supplements to significantly boost your performance so that you work out at higher efficiency.
    Inadequate iron in your diet means that your body is affected in how it uses its energy. For any mental performance, oxygen must reach the brain and muscles without which their performance diminishes.
    A lower level of iron in the body, therefore, means lack of focus, less stamina, and an increased irritability.

  3. Healthy Pregnancy

    Iron reduces the incidence of anemia in pregnancy. Low iron status in expectant moms exposes their babies to premature birth and low birth weight. An Infant risks impaired cognitive development.

  4. General Well-Being

    Iron helps in maintaining a robust health. The body requires it to produce the red blood cells. A deficiency causes health problems such as impaired cognitive function, low immunity, and poor body temperature just to mention a few. In kids, it may result in anemia which can cause cognitive abnormalities impacting negatively on learning.

Closing Thoughts

Don’t just pop supplements unless your body requires it. Pay attention to what your body speaks. If you frequently faint and get fatigued for unclear reasons you might be having iron deficiency.

Check with your doctor to rule out other ailments so that you can experience high energy when going about your day-to-day activities. The deficiency of iron can become unpleasant and catastrophic.


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