Probiotic Supplements
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Probiotic Supplements Benefits & Side Effects

What You Should Know About Probiotic Supplements


Most people think bacteria are things that cause diseases. Not exactly, you have “good” and “bad” bacteria. And you know what? Probiotics are useful bacteria for your digestive system since they keep your gut healthy. Probiotics assist in moving food through the gut.

Found naturally in the body, probiotics treat health conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases, as well as infectious diarrhea. As such, it is believed to play a critical role in your health, particularly digestive system. As much as you can get it from food, supplementing with Probiotic vitamins has a highly stimulating effect.

Probiotic Supplement Benefits

In northern Europe, people are enthusiastic about eating fermented food rich in probiotics such as yogurt. Not to mention Japan where beneficial microorganism laced beverage is a booming business.

Never dismiss the microbes as marketing gimmicks. The truth is the live active friendly bacteria help in treating a wide variety of ailments.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

1. Gastrointestinal Benefit

Each person has over 1000 different kinds of bacteria in their digestive tract to help them break down food substances and nutrients. When you take antibiotic it kills the disease-causing bacteria at the same time ruins the healthy flora that helps in digestion.

Usually, doctors prescribe probiotic to repopulate the digestive system with some healthful bacteria. Furthermore, probiotics help in other types of digestive issues such as Irritable digestive bowel syndrome, bloating and diarrhea.

2. Vaginal Health

Vagina too relies heavily on the precarious steadiness of “good” and “bad” bacteria. Any imbalance results in uncomfortable infections such as yeast or vaginosis bacteria.

Probiotic has a special space in maternal health. Why? Expectant women are susceptible to vaginosis infection and worse still contributes to a woman’s pre-term labor.

3. Urinary Healthiness

Use probiotics regularly to prevent urinary tract infections so as to maintain a population of good bacteria on the digestive tract adherence sites.

Mostly women suffer urinary infections that heal with the admission of antibiotics unfortunately about 40% of the infection return.

4. Allergy

People suffering from seasonal allergies can use probiotic supplements to reduce allergy incidence.

5. Immunity Boost

Good bacteria helps stimulates an immune response. Food rich in probiotics, as well as supplementation, increases the production of lymphocytes which marks the immune response.

6. Obesity

Use it to help me maintain and shed unwanted weight – slowly but surely. Additionally, drinking plenty of water and at the same time cut out sugary drinks.

What Are Probiotic Supplements?

In the US for example, probiotics are sold as nutritional supplements, which don’t pass through rigorous testing processes as drugs do. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure they are safe to take before embarking on marketing and that what they claim to be on the labels live up to user’s expectations.

You find a growing number of probiotics in the market today. More importantly, to enjoy Probiotic supplements health benefits, it is better to evaluate before deciding what works for you. There are a few deciding factors to consider before choosing a supplement.

  • The exact probiotic strains incorporated
    A probiotic supplement should contain at least three vital strains such as Lactobacillus species (support nutrient absorption), B. Longum (maintain the integrity of gut wall) and B. bifidum (breaks down complex carbohydrates).
  • The product’s wrapping and distribution system
    Ensure the wrapping delivers the bacteria alive into your intestines. Check if the package is damaged since probiotics are affected by environment. Protect them from light, moisture, and heat. Look out for thick and opaque bottles or the new style of blister packs.
  • Expiration dates
    An expiration date printed on the product is a guarantee by the manufacturer that the product remains active and potent.
  • Money-back guarantee

Closing Thoughts

I tell you what though, most people find probiotic foods and supplements to be safe, still, others with immune system complications or severe health situations shouldn’t take them.
Speak to your doctor before taking your dosages of probiotics to ensure they are right for you. In selected cases, slight Probiotic supplement side effects might include gas, bloating, stomach upset and diarrhea as soon as you begin using them. Also, they may trigger an allergic reaction. If that happens please stop the supplementation and consult your physician.


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