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For most people, the reason for trying to find the best VPN Software in 2019 means to be able to access and stream Netflix. But here is the problem: Netflix only allows U.S. residents to stream movies and series — if you access Netflix from another country, Netflix will simply deny service. The solution: Pretend to be from a U.S. location using a VPN server.

But it’s not that simple. Netflix constantly sets the well-known IP servers of popular VPN servers on its blacklist. In other words, streaming through Netflix is ​​not guaranteed despite using a VPN tool. Many VPN tools on the market as well as users face the same challenge.

But there is good news.

There are also VPN providers who have deliberately taken up the fight against the Netflix blockade. Some are doing a good job, and others are doing an excellent job. A good example of an excellent job is NordVPN 2019. NordVPN discovered early that there is a lot of demand for users streaming Netflix through VPN proxies. This demand is met by the fact that NordVPN constantly updates its VPN servers, so Netflix can be watched at any time. After all, NordVPN doesn’t want to lose its existing customers, but wants to build up its customer base.

NordVPN has many good reasons to take on the Netflix challenge. And these reasons do not necessarily have anything to do with the licensing rights of movies and TV shows. Basically, NordVPN assumes that every internet user has the right to surf anonymously. Even American residents are interested in watching Netflix through NordVPN because they want their internet traffic to be anonymized and encrypted. Long story short, if you want to watch Netflix from in or outside the U.S., NordVPN is the right choice.

NordVPN Software 2019
NordVPN Software 2019

Review 5.0

2-Year Plan $3.99

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Netflix and NordVPN 2019 — How It Works:

As already explained, despite the efforts of VPN providers, Netflix does everything in its power to block VPN servers. NordVPN, however, adds and maintains daily updates to VPN servers in their portfolio. It may not work right away even with NordVPN. That is, the user must select the servers that Netflix hasn’t identified yet or are incapable of detecting. NordVPN regularly provides the current VPN servers on their website that work well with Netflix.

The Power of NordVPN 2019

Blocking the IP addresses of VPN tools is not Netflix’s core business, and it is monitored regularly by a small team only. In contrast, NordVPN is one of the few VPN software vendors on the market that specialize fully in VPN, and all their efforts go into the further development of their VPN software. The main task of NordVPN is to find and configure new anonymous servers every day. With such a big team, Netflix is ​​no longer able to withstand the constant server changes of NordVPN. Because NordVPN has been dominating the fight, they may be one of the only VPN providers Netflix works perfectly with.

NordVPN Software 2019
NordVPN Software 2019

Review 5.0

2-Year Plan $3.99

Order Now

About NordVPN Software

NordVPN is based in Panama and is relatively protected against the arbitrary legal notices and letters of Netflix lawyers. The very successful company, which aims to provide users with anonymity, is the number one VPN provider although it was founded just a few years ago. As of September 2019, NordVPN offers over 4,416 anonymous servers.

Despite NordVPN being the number one VPN provider as of this moment, their pricing is quite affordable and still cheaper than most VPN providers.

You can purchase NordVPN directly from their website. The yearly subscription costs just $6.99 per month for a longer commitment. If you want to go with a monthly plan, NordVPN costs $11.95 per month.

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