How to treat Asthma with Natural Remedies and Herbs

Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is a severe respiratory condition that is brought about by the inflammation and constriction of the air tubes. Although many people suffer from this disorder (an estimated 26 million in America alone) it can be managed quite easily.

Asthma attacks are commonly triggered by cold air, allergies, stress, respiratory infections, food preservatives and the likes. Scientists don’t know the exact cause of asthma. However, several factors can escalate your chances of contracting this disorder. They include excessive smoking, obesity and genetics.
These common symptoms will help you detect asthma:

• Coughing
• Wheezing (mostly during expiration)
• A difficulty in breathing
• Developing tightness around the chest
• Shortness of breath

These symptoms can be controlled by strict dietary and lifestyle changes as well as certain natural herbs for asthma. Have a look at some herbs for asthma you can use:


This famous herb can act as a natural cure for asthma. It contains anti-inflammatory compounds which diminish inflammation of the airways and prevent airway contraction.

Some studies suggest that several compounds found in ginger contribute to the relaxation of muscles in the bronchia, inhibiting the resultant constriction that occurs during asthma attacks.

There are many ways to take this herbal medicine for asthma. Consult your physician first before purchasing ginger supplements.


The anti-inflammatory properties contained in Oregano makes it one of the best herbal remedies for asthma.

This herb contains flavonoids, carvacrol and terpenes that act as natural lung cleansers. By drinking 3 cups of the delicious oregano tea every day, you can fight off asthma symptoms. Each cup requires 3 teaspoons of grounded oregano simmered in hot water for about 10 minutes. Add some honey, stir and drink the mixture.
Oregano is a great natural cure for asthma since it reduces inflammation within the bronchial tracts.

Bishop’s Weed

This herb, also known as Ajwain or Carom Seeds, is an effective herbal medicine for cancer.

Bishop’s weed has strong antispasmodic properties which help relieve the symptoms of asthma by soothing inflamed airways. The herb can also treat whooping cough, bronchitis and a myriad of other cardiovascular diseases.

Stinging nettle

This herb can help treat allergy-induced asthma. It contains naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory as well as antihistamine properties, both of which help to unblock constricted nasal passages and air ways.

The stinging nettle is used to make one of the best natural supplements for cancer. You can either mix it with honey and water to make herbal tea or buy nettle supplements.


This herb is a darling to the Chinese people, and is even incorporated in most of their medicine. Garlic has potent anti-inflammatory compounds that clear any congestion looming in your lungs.

It also has antiviral and antibiotic properties that work to enhance your body’s immunity and fight off infections which can cause asthma. It’s most effective when eaten raw.


Most herbs for asthma work by reducing inflammation of the bronchial tubes or lungs.

Licorice is no different. It has anti-inflammatory compounds that calm the lungs and air passages to restore normal inhalation. You can take this herb as tea or as supplements for asthma. However, licorice should be avoided by individuals with high blood pressure, diabetes or liver/kidney issues.


Turmeric is an antihistamine herb that has been found to ease allergies.

Histamines are harmful compounds that normally cause inflammation. Scientists are still researching on whether turmeric can create an effective herbal medicine for asthma, but the findings so far are positive.


Many traditional medicines incorporate lemongrass to treat coughs and other respiratory infections.

It’s therefore not surprising that this herb is also used to treat asthma. It contains antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory compounds that help fight diseases and eradicate inflammation. Lemongrass tea can help mitigate asthma symptoms.

Supplements for Asthma

Scientists have hinted that certain supplements can help manage asthma attacks.

Antioxidant supplements can help asthmatic people breathe more easily, while vitamin C helps control the symptoms of this disorder. Magnesium, zinc and fish oils can also help manage and treat asthma.
These supplements, however, should be taken only after getting a go-ahead from your doctor. Extra measures you can take to manage asthma include:

  • Avoid smoking, pollution and other environmental allergens.
  • Regular cleaning of your home (wear a mask during cleaning).
  • Work out regularly and come up with a strict exercise regimen. Yoga helps too.
  • Avoid processed foods, fried foods, refined carbs and artificial additives.
  • Eat meals that are rich in vitamin B12.
  • Avoid exercising in cold or dry air. Warming up prior to exercising always helps.

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