Media Appearances

of William Sen


Selected Media Appearances

Media response to my work as a writer, producer and entrepreneur.

William Sen about his appearances in the media: “After my book Hackerland, I experiencined a huge media response. At first, it helped me to promote my book. Years later, I would still get many requests. I started to decline media requests in 2001. In 2006 I began to promote my book NO COPY, and was again in the spotlight.”

My company took advantage of my popularity. They used my name on many occasions to their advantage, and I supported them where I could.

William Sen, Denis Moschitto

William Sen (second from right) at the film premiere of his Film NO COPY at the Cologne Filmhaus in 2006

William Sen

William Sen talking about his book Hackertales on NBC in 2000

William Sen

William Sen talking about hackers for Handelsblatt (Germany’s biggest business magazine) in 2006

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March, 2011
Magazine of the Cologne Technical University of Applied Sciences 

The Power of the User


January 21st, 2012
Dutch TV Nederland 1

Interview with William Sen:
Who is Kim Schmitz?
> watch online (Dutch/German)

WDR TVJuly 21st, 2011

“What do the Hackers Want?”
with William Sen


BRJune 30th, 2011
Bavarian Broadcasting
(Bayerischer Rundfunk)

Interview with William Sen
about the hacker ethics

Das Erste: MomaJune 23rd, 2010

Music Downloads:
Talk with William Sen

NerdcoreMarch 2nd, 2010
Broadcasting the Hacker-Legend Captain Crunch at today at 1LIVE


March 2nd, 2010

Captain Crunch – A Hacker Legend + Interview with William Sen
and Denis Moschitto

GulliMarch 1st, 2010

Captain Crunch – A Hacker Story


WDR-RadioJanuary 2010
WDR Radio

Announcing Captain Crunch
by William Sen & Denis Moschitto


William SenMay 12th, 2009
Second Germany TV

“Bribed Blogger”
Coverage with D. Müller-R.


May 12th, 2009

“Isolated and Paranoid”: Interview with William Sen, the Writer of
Digital Underground

SWR2 LogoApril 4th, 2009

Journal: “Digital Pirates Behind Bars – Verdict on Pirate Bay” Talk with
William Sen

WDR Radio HörspieleJanuary, 2009
WDR Radio

Announcing Digital Underground
by William Sen



December 11th, 2008
Interview with William Sen
and Denis Moschitto


WDR Radio HörspieleMarch , 2008
WDR Radio

Announcing POKE
by William Sen & Denis Moschitto


DeutschlandradioOctober 10th, 2007
Deutschlandradio Kultur

Feature/Culture: The Race for the Fastest Pirated Copy; 50 Minutes with William Sen

Motor FMOctober 1st, 2007
Reading with William Sen
from the book NO COPY



March 13th, 2007

“All You Need is a Keyboard”
Interview with William Sen


titel kulturmagazinJanuary 30th, 2007
Titel Magazine

The Story and the Ethics
of Digital Pirates


WDR Radio HörspieleJanuary 2007
WDR Radio

Announcing Digital Underground
by William Sen


Financial TimesNovember 29th, 2006
Financial Times

Pirates Go Unhindered Through
the Internet


Handelsblatt: Elektrischer ReporterOctober 26th, 2006
Commerce Paper
“William Sen about Hackers and Crackers”


Falter StadtmagazinOctober 25th, 2006
Falter News Magazine
(Falter Stadtmagazin)
Copy Sympathies


October 25th, 2006
sub culture magazine

Aren’t We All a Little Bit a Villain?


Aargauer ZeitungOctober 2nd, 2006
Aargauer Newspaper Switzerland
The Main Question Remains:
Who is Allowed to Copy?


PC go MagazinOctober 1st, 2006
PCgo Magazine

Book Tip: NO COPY


PC GamesAugust 16th, 2006
PC Games Magazine

The First Hackers:
NO COPY The movie


Stern MagazinAugust 16th, 2006
Stern Magazine

NO COPY The Movie
Free Download


TV MovieAugust 5th, 2006
TV Movie

Insider Insights


Telekom PresseAugust 4th, 2006
Telekom Press Austria

Film: History of the Hacker


Golem.deAugust 4th, 2006
IT News Magazine

The Story of Digital Piracy as Movie:
The Book Adaptation

PrinzJuly, 2006
Prinz Magazine

Are Digital Pirates Real Criminals?


LausitzerJune 26th, 2006
Lausitzer Newspaper
The Freedom of the Self Regulation



Junge WeltJune 21st, 2006
Young World(junge Welt)

Illegal Earnings



June 17th, 2006
ekz service for libraries

Insight Into the Hacker and Cracker Scene


szJune 16th, 2006
Saarbrücker Newspaper
Book Launch NO COPY



WDR5June 17th, 2006
(Funkhaus Wallraufplatz)

60 Minutes with William Sen



June 17th, 2006

Film: NO COPY – The World of the Digital Piracy


June 17th, 2006

Interview: More Pirated Copies Because of Copy Protection

ahJune 1st, 2006
Aha All Halle Newspaper
(Aha Alles Halle)

What Hackers Do All Day


gsJune 1st, 2006
Gamestar Magazine

Interview with the Writers of NO COPY


juMay 3rd, 2006
Jungle World

Long Live the Cybernationals!


srMay 1st, 2006
City Revue Cologne Magazine
(Stadtrevue kölnmagazin)

Every Algorith Can Be Cracked


Radio EinsApril 28th, 2006
rbb radioeins Berlin

History in a Flash: The Story of
Captain Crunch with William Sen


Bayern 2April 28th, 2006
Bavarian Broadcasting Sparkradio
(Zündfunk Bayerischer Rundfunk)

Interview with William Sen


Der TagesspiegelApril 21st, 2006
The Daily Mirror
(Der Tagesspiegel)

Ready to Board!


Readme.ccApril 19th, 2006

Book Tip: NO COPY


liApril 15th, 2006

Digital Pirates and Cracker


noApril 10th, 2006

Copy Skills Music



reApril 6th, 2006

NO COPY – The Movie


Filmhaus KölnApril 6th, 2006
Filmhaus Cologne

Premiere of
NO COPY – The Movie


Radio FM4April 6th, 2006
FM4 Austria

Interview with William Sen


Virtual NightsApril 5th, 2006
Virtual Nights Berlin

Criminal Digital Pirates


krApril 2nd, 2006
Critical Issue Magazine
(Kritische Ausgabe)

NO ©OPY Party” at the
Cologne Filmhouse

boApril 2nd, 2006
Financial Newspaper

NO COPY for Download


spApril, 2006
SPEX Magazine

Yeah Yeah Yeahs –
She Loves you


guMarch 31st, 2006
Gulli IT and Tech Channel

Book Launch: NO COPY


TBA MagazinMarch 27th, 2006
TBA The Music Magazine

Digital Pirates particularly Welcome!


inMarch 27th, 2006
intro – The Music Magazine

They’ll Catch You!


WCM Computer MagazineMarch 22nd, 2006
WCM Computer Magazine

Digital Pirates are no Villains


BörsenkurierMarch, 2006
The Financial Courier Austria

Digital Piracy


sz2August 27th, 2002
Süddeutsche Newspaper

Trojan Horses


ksJuly 8th, 2002
Cologne Daily Newspaper
(Kölner Stadtanzeiger)

Stories for Taxi Drivers


wsJuly 8th, 2002
World on Sundays
(Welt am Sonntag)

The Young Tropen Publishing House goes Unconventional Ways

radio1August 22nd, 2001

Talk with William Sen


bzJuly 16th, 2001
Berlin Newspaper
(Berliner Zeitung)

The Hacker with the Whistle


amJuly 16th, 2001
Amiga Plus Magazine
(Berliner Zeitung)

The Hacker with the Whistle


stJanuary, 2001
Style Magazine

The Children from the Train Station Code Hackertales


stbDecember 8th, 2000
Süderländer Newspaper

Adventures in the Digital World



December 1st, 2000
Prinz Magazine

Digital Tank Busters



December 1st, 2000
PC Action / PC Games Magazine

Digital Tank Busters


fzNovember 5th, 2000
Frankfurt General Newspaper
(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

Stories of Gray Areas of Cybercrime


ncNovember 10th, 2000

Book Launch Hackertales
with William Sen


ffNovember, 2000
Newsletter Magazine

Food for Thought


Hessischer RundfunkOctober 18th, 2000
Hessian Broadcasting Corporation

Talk with William Sen & Denis Moschitto / Book Release Hackertales
> Download at (German)

abSeptember 22nd, 2000
Evening Paper

The Hacker as an Artist


cbSeptember 22nd, 2000
Computer Bild

A View Into the
World of the Hackers


pa2September 22nd, 2000
PC Action / PC Games Magazine



proMay 11th, 2000
Pro7 – The Reporter
(Pro7 – Die Reporter)

The Adrenaline Rush
of the Hackers

gaMay, 2000
groove attack Magazine

Busted by William Sen and Denis Moschitto in the Top Ten Charts
of Sven Väth

xmMay, 2000
x mag Magazine

Interview with William Sen & Denis Moschitto


mlFebruary 25th, 2000

He Wrote the Book about Hackers


k1February 24th, 2000
Kabel 1

The Hunt for Hackers


w5February 2nd, 2000
(Funkhaus Europa)

Interview with William Sen


huJanuary 24th, 2000

Hackers Ask Him About Hacking


etJanuary, 2000
Etap Magazine

Crazy Guys: A Resource for Screenplays and Talk Shows


cnDecember 11th, 1999
WDR Computernight
(WDR Computernacht)

Talk with William Sen and
CEO of IBM Germany Erwin Staudt

otDecember, 1999
Online Today Magazine

The Scene’s Log


h3December, 1999
HR3 Hessian Broadcasting

Launch of the Record Busted and Talk with William Sen & Denis Moschitto


hcDecember, 1999
HR3 Club Night with Sven Väth

featuring Busted
by William Sen & Denis Moschitto


ks2November 15th, 1999
Cologne Daily Newspaper
(Kölner Stadtanzeiger)

The Hacker Hunter was in the Thick of it

smOctober, 1999
Smile Magazine

New Hacker Book


toOctober, 1999
Tomorrow Internet Magazine

Hacker: Online Pirates


koOctober 8th, 1999

News from Hackerland


wwAugust 19th, 1999
The World Week
(Die Weltwoche)

The Forbidden Game

radio1August 25th, 1999

Interview with William Sen


k12February 24th, 1999
Kabel 1

How secure is SET?


parJuly, 1999
park + ride

International Computer Scene


stcJune/July, 1999

Stories from Hackerland


asJune/July, 1999
Amiga Special Magazine

Book Review Hackerland


aoJune/July, 1999
amigaOS Magazine/strong>
Hackerland – The Log of the Scene


hu2May 16th, 1999

The Turkish Pirates of the
Oceans of Computers


foMay 31st, 1999
Focus Magazine

Hacker Myth


staMay, 1999
Cologne City Magazine
(Kölner Stadtmagazin)

Warez, Files and Crackz!


st2May, 1999
Style Magazine

The Species of the Hackers


rkApril 23rd, 1999
Radio Cologne

William Sen and Denis Moschitto
Life at Radio Cologne


exApril 23rd, 1999
Express Newspaper

Secret Societies


ks3April 23rd, 1999
Cologne Daily Newspaper
(Kölner Stadtanzeiger)

A Night in Hackerland


kruApril 23rd, 1999
Cologne Review Newspaper
(Kölnische Rundschau)

Two Insider are Inviting to Hackerland


William SenApril 23rd, 1999
WDR Computerclub

William Sen representing
Amiga, Inc. with Petro Tyschtschenko (CEO of Amiga, Inc.)

babylonApril 23rd, 1999

William Sen at the show
Babylon on WDR about the
Hacker Culture

babylon2April 14rd, 1997

Preview of a new book
about hacking