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Social Media MeasurementSocial Media Measurement

William Sen

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3941835238
Price: €59.90

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This work shows several concepts for automatic processes for finding individual social media posts that have the potential to have a high reach. The main question is: Is it possible to evaluate and indicate automatically if a post in a forum achieves a broad reach or not? This work contains methods that in fact can perform such an automatic measurement, without even reading the text itself, neither by a human or a machine.

There is a very large number of user generated content on various social media channels. It seems impossible for a human being to read billions of posts to determine which one could be of interest for an organization. Automatic sentiment analysis software also seems to have problems in reading and understanding the social stream, as they fail to understand irony, sarcasm, collegial language and acronyms. Considering the huge amount of posts, even automatic artificial intelligence processes, such as natural language processing, are overchallenged in computing such huge data, today also known as ‘Big Data’.

This work will show how such a concept is technically possible. As part of the research described within this work, the new methods are applied to forums using software specially developed for this work. The results show that companies are able to display a large amount of user generated content with the potential to achieve a broad reach.
This means that trends and issues can be detected and predicted by companies earlier than ever, and they use this knowledge to their advantage. In addition, this method helps market researchers and other audiences in their search for the needle in the haystack.

Social Media MonitoringSocial Media Monitoring

William Sen

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3941835023
Price: €69.90

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More and more companies need a social media monitoring, and they usually have some basic questions: Where is my target audience? What is being discussed in social media about me? Where and who are the opinion leaders? However, due to the huge amount of content in social media, those questions seem to be impossible to answer without a specialized agency for social media monitoring. Read less

A variety of these agencies have positioned themselves in the market, yet they are currently lacking knowledge and experience in this very new field. This book will help companies in need for a social media monitoring to express their requirements before implementing a successful monitoring plan.
In 9 chapters, you will learn everything about competencies, concepts, technologies, infrastructures, dashboards, project management and the costs associated with social media monitoring. The author, Dr. William Sen, is one of the leading experts of social media monitoring and data analysis and has been involved in more than 90 submissions. He has met the requirements of major companies such as 3M, Accor, AirBerlin, Audi, BMW, Bayer, Bosch, Brother, Citibank, DHL, Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, Easyjet, EnBW, Ford, Germanwings, Goodyear, Hyatt, IBM, LG, Lexware, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, NEC, Peek & Cloppenburg, Philips, Renault, Sony, Swarovski, Tabasco, Transcend, and many more.


William Sen / Jan Krömer

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3608500820
Price: €15.80

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Bill Gates’ idea for a new software market came like a bombshell for computer hackers. After all, the hacker scene was of the opinion that every programmer could only have gained his competence through knowledge sharing. However, Bill Gates neither wanted to share his knowledge with other hackers, nor he would agree that his software should be copied or modified by others without compensation.

Angered by opposition to this philosophy, Gates finally wrote an open letter to the Homebrew Computer Club, the first hacker club in the world. In this letter he accused those who used and copied his software without payment of being thieves. This new notion of an “illegal copy” caused confusion among those first youthful hackers, and this was the beginning of Bill Gates becoming unpopular amongst their ranks.
The economic success of Microsoft software soon surpassed even the development of the industrial computers such as IBM. The software provided by Microsoft was made more successful by Gates’ business acumen than anyone could have imagined. In the following years Microsoft conquered the software operating system market, initially with its product MS-DOS, and later with Microsoft Windows.

The prophecy of Bill Gates, that the computer market would once be dominated by software instead of hardware, became true. As hard as geeks had fought against the commercialization of software and information, Gates had defined an important term the first time: “software piracy”.

This book covers the history of those turbulent early years, addressing the validity of concepts such as piracy as well as questioning the core beliefs of copyright.


William Sen / Denis Moschitto

Language: German
ISBN: 3-941835-09-2
Price: €15.80

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The hacker subculture called ‘The Scene’ had never been revealed to the public like this. In ‘Hackerland’, two young authors describe the boundary between legality and the criminal acts of ‘The Scene’, of which they were members since childhood.

The myth of the hackers will be dissolved and replaced by a generation of computer fanatics, who have only one goal in mind: to compete and to have fun. The never-before-revealed activities of people and organizations in the illegal scene are uncovered for the first time.

Rather than perpetuating the common stereotype of hackers, this volume focuses on the development of the hacker subculture, and also narrates the history of piracy and cracking concepts. Relationships between hackers and hacking groups are revealed as the reader is introduced into the secret world of ‘The Scene’.


William Sen / Denis Moschitto

Language: German
ISBN: 3-941835-01-7
Price: €15.80

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Who was Cap’n Crunch? How does a hacker fall in love with another hacker? What had the government to do with the mail bombings to the e-business? Who is good and who is evil in the tales and myths of our digital era?

The characters who populate the stories of the two young authors Denis Moschitto and William Sen are heroes and anti-heroes from the early days of the digital life, which follows their description of the isolated archetypes in their bestseller “Hackerland”, in which they revealed the complex world of the hacker and ‘The Scene’ to the open public the first time.

In this feverish collection of stories about the obsessions, passions and crimes in the digital world, “Hackertales” continues to show new life in the digital space.

What was the snitch called Buster thinking, who betrayed the hacker scene to an infamous computer lawyer? How did Apple founder Steve Wozniak actually do to earn his first pay packet? And where the heck is my girlfriend?

Denis Moschitto and William Sen were both long-time members of various hacking groups. Many of the things will still have to stay untold, and many of the stories in this book are left up to the imagination of the reader.

The sleep of reason produces Hackertales.

HackerkulturHacker Culture and Software Pirates

William Sen / Jan Krömer

Original title: Hackerkultur und Raubkopierer
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3941835153
Price: €29.90

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Software piracy is widespread in our society. Without much a technical knowledge, file sharing can easily be used for pirated downloads.

The media speaks of billions of damages caused by illegal downloading. Companies fight back with lawsuits. A view of the accused shows that software piracy is no longer just a matter caused by young geeks, but is a mass phenomenon. Debates about laws and penalties couldn’t be more different as opinions collide, with little mention of the historical aspects of software piracy. There is little information or knowledge about a hierarchically organized structure of software pirates who have actually been linked to the hacker community. By the same token, the real motives of those organized groups are rarely known to the public.

This book was written by Jan Krömer and the scientist William Sen in close collaboration with the Technical University of Cologne (TH Köln) at the Institute of Information Sciences, and is also the first scientific work to show the link between the hacker culture and organized software pirating groups.

Wirklichkeit 2.0Reality 2.0

Kemper et al. (ed.) / William Sen

Original title: Wirklichkeit 2.0
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-15-020266-1
Price: €9.95

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The Internet is fast becoming a new leading medium. Digitization covers all private and public spheres of life. What are the advantages and risks that result from this? Are the notions of identity, friendship and political participation to be redefined? What does this mean for learning, communication and social organization? Find out in Reality 2.0 (Original title: “Wirklichkeit 2.0″).

Social Media für Unternehmer

Social Media for Enterprises

C. Hilker / William Sen

Original title: Social Media für Unternehmer
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3709303221
Price: €19.90

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The Internet has dramatically changed the business world. While businesses could previously reach their target audiences only through expensive advertising, today’s social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube offer many new, effective and affordable ways to have customers’ direct attention.

The possibilities of blogs, podcasting and viral marketing go far beyond that of classic online marketing. This book shows how to recognize the new opportunities on the internet and successfully use the full potential of new media for marketing, sales and PR. It shows trends and opportunities for placing information and how to optimize a business’ products or services.

Web MonitoringWeb-Monitoring

P. Brauckmann (ed.) / William Sen

Language: German
ISBN: 3-867642-15-X
Price: €39.00

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The monitoring of the web, in particular the Social Web, is becoming increasingly important for companies and institutions. But it also is a very challenging task and requires specific expertise. Hardly any companies know how to measure success on the Internet.Read less

The Social Web can seem very blurry and complex, containing a vast volume of content. The uncontrollability and the spread of opinions is feared by many market participants, but so far has not been systematically studied extensively. In the rare event that a professional social media monitoring software is used, the question arises as to how to evaluate such a vast amount of data.

In this anthology, scientists, IT specialists and managers examine this exciting field and provide their findings and unique experiences. They reveal the secrets of monitoring expertise, and show different methods for how to handle professional tools, as well as using methods of metrics and KPIs to analyze the results of their efforts.


M. Henatsch (ed.), William Sen et al.

Language: English /German
ISBN: 978-3936646863
Price: €12.00

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25 years ago, a firewall was a real, tangible wall used to prevent the spread of fire. Today, it is a virtual protection system in an electronic data system. In “Firewall”, experts in the field discuss the security problems associated with the increasing digitization of our world.

This catalogue showcases the exhibition works of eight artists – six of whom created new works specifically for Firewall – all of which reflect on the protective and unsettling factors associated with living in today’s surveillance society. With innovative, cutting-edge, technology-inspired design, this catalogue thoroughly delves into the works of William Sen, Jonas Dahlberg, Andreas Kopnick, Julie Mehretu, Aernout Mik, Julia Scher, Markus Vater, Magnus Wallin and Johannes Wohnseifer in a modern tour-de-force for the digital age.

Social Media and Web ScienceSocial Media and Web Science

Ockenfeld (ed.) et al. / William Sen

Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-925474-72-9
Price: €50.00

Social media and social software has already led to shift more and more areas of everyday life into Wide Web. The Web is much more than just a tool to make work easier. It is news media, library, reference book, desk, shopping centers, scene of event, family photo album, guide, ATM, and more.Read less

This variety increases the challenge for information professionals who always have to adapt to the latest developments. However, proven and long-standing traditions must not be forgotten. At the same time, the possibilities and areas of applications in the Web grow. Information competency combined with scientific disciplines such as information science thus can create new ideas and solutions.

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