Core Yoga

What is Core Yoga and are the Benefits?

Do you have flabby abdominal muscles? Do you often suffer from back pain due to your sitting job or studying? Do you have fat pads around your waist? Core Yoga workout is a perfect choice for you!

Core Yoga exercises the center of your body where all these problems come from. The body core, the center of your body, is a group of deep muscles responsible for stability. Thanks to these muscles you are able to walk and sit straight if they are too weak, your body posture starts hanging and your back starts hurting.

Nowadays we spend too much time sitting, not only at work but usually also on the way there, on a bus or underground, and even at home! This extreme increase causes plenty of health problems, including lower back pain. Core Yoga poses are concentrated especially on exercising the deep muscles to strengthen them, it is very different from other workout styles since those usually concentrate on the visible parts, Core Yoga starts from the inside. If you are interested what such exercise looks like, check on this video:

Core Yoga Video

Core Yoga with Adriene shows some good core strength practices on this free yoga video:

Core Yoga Poses vs. Classic Yoga

Core Yoga, compared to traditional Yoga styles, feels way more like an actual workout, especially when it comes to your belly muscles, which means it is not only beneficial for your health but also for your good look.

Core Yoga uses special poses which help to shape your waist and belly, so if you are searching for a great way to get your body in shape for the summer, Core Yoga is a good choice. Core Yoga is one of the dynamic Yoga variations. It focuses more on the workout itself than the meditative part of Yoga and it belongs to the same group as for example Power Yoga. Compared to traditional Yoga or Restorative Yoga which both can be practiced basically by everyone, even people with limited mobility, Core Yoga is a little bit harder and requires more physical activity so it is recommended for younger healthy people.

If you are interested in trying Core Yoga, there are many Yoga classes online, these are great if you are not sure if this particular type is what you are looking for and you would like to get a better idea about it. On the other hand, and this works double for the Yoga beginners, it is always much better to attend a real class if it is doable. Especially when it comes to Core Yoga, it is very important to exercise the poses correctly to make sure you do not hurt yourself. The professional Online Yoga classes will provide you in-depth instruction rather than just the free yoga videos.

Core Yoga to Build Muscles and for Health

Core Yoga is a dynamic style and it exercises extremely important muscles so it is essential to do it right. Do it regularly and it will prevent health problems.

If you decide to take a real class, do some research first, try a few and choose what fits you best. A good teacher should not only show you the poses but also correct you if you do it wrong. Online Classes on the other hand will give you a much faster and cheaper alternative while providing about the same quality. If you feel like the online course is better for you once you have tried out a couple, make sure you watch the core yoga video once before you start working out, this can help prevent incorrect poses followed by back pain. Also make sure before subscribing that they offer Core Yoga if that’s what you are interested in.

Core Yoga is definitely an interesting combination of a meditative exercise and an actual workout, if you are the type of a person who needs to sweat a little bit while exercising and you are not looking just for a relaxation or Meditation Yoga, if you would like to get your body in shape, Core Yoga is a way to go!

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