Yoga Muscles
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The Key Muscles of Yoga

Muscle Building with Yoga

It is well known that yoga is a great exercise which positively affects your health, both physical or mental. When it comes to physical health, yoga not just improves your immune system but the reason most people start with yoga is usually muscle workout.

There are several types of yoga, some of them are more about the spiritual part, meditation etc., if you are looking for yoga for muscle building, power yoga or hot yoga are recommended.

Yoga is also often suggested as a rehabilitation exercise because most of the yoga variations are based on exercising a very important group of muscles, Deep Stabilization System of the Spine.

Deep Stabilisation System of the Spine

The Deep Stabilisation System is a muscular interaction system that provides stabilization, strengthening of the spine during all our movements. Deep Stabilisation System of the Spine muscles are activated most of the time, mostly while standing or sitting, and they are working during every move of the upper and lower limbs. These muscles are vital for our physical health, if they don´t work properly, it can lead to back pain and in a longer term, even to dislocation of your back plates. The connection of the muscles to the spine stabilization is automatic.

For example, if you move your leg forward, you will not only engage the muscles that are in motion, but those that stabilize your abdominal area will also automatically get engaged, these muscles also influence diaphragm and pelvic floor. While moving your leg is a conscious activity, the work of the inner muscles is automatic. The muscles engage in all moves you make, they are the source of considerable internal forces that influence your spine. These internal forces are useful in case of an extreme pressure on the spine, if they aren´t strong enough, back pain and even more serious health problems may appear.

Yoga, basically in all of its variations, stretches and strengthens these inner muscles of Deep Stabilization System of the Spine, but some yoga types also strongly influence your other muscles, since yoga is mostly a slower exercise which means you switch the poses with no rush, even the visible muscles get stronger. Especially when it comes to women, they often struggle from weaker arm muscles because they simply don´t work physically as much as men do, so if you don´t go to the gym regularly, your arm muscles weaken. Yoga has a great influence on these muscles because a lot of the poses are based on strengthening your arms and since you spend quite a long time in the pose, your muscles get a good workout.

Another set of muscles that is well exercised while practicing yoga are your pelvic muscles. This is essential for women especially for the time of ageing. No matter if you give birth or not in your life, these muscles start slowly failing while you are getting older, of course, it is much faster for women who gave birth but even those who did not struggle with the muscles´ loosing. This process leads to plenty of health problems, from problems to hold urine to vaginal problems. Yoga workout can help you prevent this process and even if you are already going through it, yoga may cure you.

Yoga in all of its variations can be used as a medical exercise helpful in many areas if you struggle with back pain, no matter if it is just starting or it is becoming a real problem, yoga will definitely help you. If you just need a good workout for all your muscles, if you are trying to lose weight, stretch and strengthen your body or you just want to stay fit, yoga is exactly what you are looking for.

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