Hatha Yoga
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What is Hot Hatha Yoga?

The Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Do you have a sitting job or spend a long time doing the same move over and over? Are you studying and spend most of your day sitting and studying? Does your back hurt or is some other part of your body out of balance? Would you like to lose some weight but you don´t really enjoy dieting? There is a great solution for all of the mentioned above, Hot Hatha Yoga.

What is Hot Hatha Yoga?

It is a yoga variation of the traditional hatha yoga which is practised in a heated room, somewhere around 38-42 degrees. Hot Hatha Yoga poses are based on hatha yoga but you spend a little bit less time in them because the exercise is more dynamic. This yoga variation is supposed to stretch and strengthen your whole body and the higher temperature is playing an important role in that. Your body gets relaxed easier thanks to the temperature which lets your muscles stretch painlessly even more than usual.

What are the Hot Hatha Yoga Benefits?

There are plenty, from the physical benefits to the positive effect on your mental health, Hot Hatha Yoga is helpful in many ways. The higher temperature positively affects not only your muscles but also your lymphatic system, it is easier for your body to get rid of the toxins in such a hot environment. This also highly stimulates the function of the endocrine glands. Both of the mentioned effects mean that all the bad, toxic substances are removed from your organism. We call this process detoxication, have you heard of it? The fact that your body removes all the toxins also leads to strengthening your Immune system. Hot Hatha Yoga, in combination with the right diet, leads to getting more immune against illnesses than ever and stronger, a nicer body as a bonus. If you are looking for a good exercise to lose some weight, this might be a great choice for you as well.

Even though you might think the hot temperature cannot be healthy for the people with bloodstream or heart problems, it actually is, and what more, Hot Hatha Yoga can help other inner organs in your body too. First of all, the combination of the right breathing method, slower moves and high temperature surprisingly calms your heartbeat, controls and even lowers your blood pressure and in long-term practice, these health problems may even disappear completely or at least, they get remarkably reduced. The breathing techniques learnt while practising yoga are also very beneficial.

From the physical point of view, the combination of the hot environment and the correctly exercised breathing technique extends your lung capacity, calms your breath and affects your bloodstream too. On the other hand, these techniques are also highly supportive of your mental health, correct breathing control is essential to make sure you can calm down when necessary. If you cannot control your mind, it has a bad effect on your physical health too, because everything, your mental and physical health depends on each other.

Talking about mental health, if you already noticed you might need some help, you should try Hot Hatha Yoga as well. It is proved Hot Hatha Yoga relaxes your mind, it teaches you how to calm down and get rid of all disturbing thoughts, forget the outside world and concentrate just on your body. Exercising in such a hot environment is also helpful because you need to concentrate more on the actual workout. Out of the other problems, Hot Hatha Yoga will certainly help you to control or even cure your depression too.

As one of the physical benefits, your skin will also quickly improve due to the high temperature because the pores open easier and let your skin breathe a lot. So what do you get from practising Hot Hatha Yoga? You get healthier in many ways, you will look prettier and you will feel really great about yourself. No matter if you already do some other yoga variation or if you have no previous experience with yoga at all, do not hesitate and try Hot Hatha Yoga, as it is a great relaxing exercise with a huge, positive influence on your body.

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