Meditation Yoga
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What is Meditation Yoga?

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

The hectic pace of modern life in recent years has prompted an urgent need to cope with the new situations that accompany the madness of our days. People has never been busier and more stressed before, and the crazy pressure on each of us is growing. The stress from work or school may have some extremely negative effects on our health but is there any solution?

The answer might be Yoga Meditation. Meditative Yoga or Yoga Meditation is a Yoga variation which focuses on the meditative part in the first place, the goal is to relax your mind and relieve the stress, the actual exercise is a secondary part of meditative Yoga. Through the Yoga meditation poses you will learn to cast off your thoughts, worries and stress and to clear your mind and relax. Physical exercise is just supporting the process with poses based on calming, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Yoga for Depression

Meditative Yoga is helpful especially in case you suffer from enormous stress and you need deep relaxation of your mind.

Your body gets nicely stretched which also supports the good feeling following the exercise but there is no pressure in the physical part of the exercise which means this Yoga variation is good even for older people or people with limited mobility. On the other hand, if you suffer from depression, it is recommended to try some more dynamic Yoga variations such as Power Yoga or Yoga Flow. Meditation Yoga Classes are suitable for everyone.

Yoga Meditation Videos

Yoga Meditation is also available online, check on some Yoga Meditation videos, it is definitely worth watching a few videos before visiting the actual class to make sure this Yoga variation is what you are looking for.

Yoga Meditation Music

On the other hand, practicing meditative Yoga led only by online Yoga class may not be the best idea, first of all, you want to relax your mind and forget about the outside world but using the technologies such as a laptop or a tablet might disturb you. Once you decide to start with Meditative Yoga, you can also check on some real meditation Yoga Online classes you can practice at home.

The calm environment of the class usually recommends to use candles and some aromatic sticks, soft light and other features helping you relax. It is usual to spend a longer time in each of the poses, meditative Yoga might remind you of some other styles, for example, Restorative Yoga. But the difference is in the goal of each of these variations. While most of the other Yoga styles focus on your body, either softly stretching your muscles or strengthening them, Yoga Meditation is mostly about your mind and the physical exercise is secondary.

Guided Yoga Meditation Keeps You Focused

Meditation in the sense of Yoga does not mean thinking about a certain problem but it is essentially a concentration technique for which the effort to keep the mind in the desired state is characteristic, it makes you focus on your inner self and relieve all the other worries and thoughts from your mind. It is basically supposed to completely clear your mind.

Although meditation is usually considered to be part of the Eastern religions, with the beginnings of Vedic Hinduism, other philosophical schools, including Yoga, have become active practices.

All higher degrees of Yoga use meditation techniques as the main aids on the way to ultimate knowledge, but the system of physical traditional Yoga has adopted their beneficial principles.

Under the notion of meditation, we include several activities, many of which are associated with achieving a changed state of consciousness. The aim of meditation is, however, to cultivate the mind (its calming) and to gain insight (whether in the sense of human existence and space or personal affairs).

If you think you just need a place to learn to calm your mind, meditative Yoga is for sure always a good idea!

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