Power Yoga
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Power Yoga Benefits and Methods

Strength, Flexibility and Muscles with Yoga

Do you already practice traditional yoga and you would like to try something new? Are you looking for something more dynamic? Do you want to strengthen your body and lose some weight at the same time? Power Yoga sounds like the kind of exercise you are looking for.

Power Yoga is an exercise based on traditional yoga, using its principles, positions, philosophy, what makes it different is the fact that Power Yoga is enriched with some modern elements.Dynamic pace of switching the positions is typical for Power Yoga. This activity develops your flexibility and strength. By combining proper breathing and positioning, the center of the body awakens and stimulates metabolism, especially in power core yoga which concentrates on the center of your body. While practicing Power Yoga, you are primarily concerned with the inner body. Forming and strengthening the visible parts of your body is just a pleasant side effect. If you start practicing Power Yoga regularly, you will definitely be able to feel the positive changes of your body very soon!

Full Body Power Yoga Workout

Two Aspects of Power Yoga

As part of the exercise, you develop the strength and flexibility of your body. If these two basic properties of the muscular system are evenly developed, the whole body feels good. By engaging the pelvic floor and the muscular stabilization system, you will also achieve effective prevention of back pain. Round back and squeezed chest throughout the day are the standards, so open the heart area and help your lungs be in shape. By learning to breathe and working on the development of your breath, you can also influence the correct function of your inner organ systems which positively affects your health too.

Power Yoga is not just about exercising the poses though. It is about deep concentration on yourself, too. Knowing yourself and gaining consciousness of your inner strength. During the lessons of Power Yoga, you learn, in addition to body care, to distance yourself from everyday life problems by managing your breath. And so you can use your breath even in real world situations when you need to calm down, for example when you are in a stressful situation at work or school. The moment you learn to control your breath, you will not be as affected by the outside influences anymore, your mental health will improve and because everything in your body is connected, your physical health will also get better. Power Yoga workout is a physical force combined with a psychic that leads to the perfect balance in your body and mind.

A great benefit of Power Yoga is that it is for everyone! You can find both Power Yoga for beginners and Power Yoga advanced classes, you don´t need any previous experience with yoga to be able to start with Power Yoga. As in other yoga styles, there are also more Power Yoga variations, if you prefer a harder workout, you should try power core yoga, on the other hand, if you are looking for an easier way, vinyasa Power Yoga is definitely what you should go for. The variety of yoga styles ensures everyone finds the way which fits them best.

As you probably know, yoga is an Asian exercise but since it has spread out all over the world, some of the newer yoga styles come from unexpected places and so does Power Yoga. Many instructors nowadays claim that they have created the word Power Yoga. Some of them gained popularity by this claim, but until today there is no scientific research how the name became popular. You can find plenty of videos online and if you are looking for an online class for Power Yoga. But in the end, Power Yoga is also just a word that combines many exercises all around yoga overall.

No matter if you want to get in shape for the summer or if you are looking for an exercise to help you clean your mind, Power Yoga is one of many ways to perform Yoga.

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