Yoga for Back Pain
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Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain

How Yoga Can Help Your With Your Back Pain

yoga has become popular all around the world in past few decades and people start with yoga for many different reasons. One of the main reasons is back pain which complicates lives of more and more people and this fact brings a lot of them often to yoga.

Due to office jobs or studying, even younger people suffer from it a lot. Instead of getting medical care, which might be necessary in later stages, it is worth trying to prevent the need of it and start with some kind of rehabilitation exercise, yoga for example, as soon as possible.

Yoga will slowly but surely help you. If you want to get rid of back pain permanently, you have a long way to go. You will need to withstand and properly select the most appropriate physical activity. Yoga is ideal for these purposes. It is recommended first trying a few beginners classes of traditional yoga.

Yoga helps to strengthen not only the external but also the inner muscles, which will be greatly appreciated by your spine. Give it some time, don´t expect the changes overnight, strengthening your body for a longer period is a slow process.

If you don´t feel confident enough for a public class or you simply don´t have enough time for one, you can easily perform your own yoga class in the comfort of your home. Even though yoga exercises for back pain are strongly recommended to be performed under the supervision of an experienced teacher, there are some simple yoga poses for back pain which you can exercise by yourself, at home. You really don´t need much for exercising a few simple yoga poses for the back at home, just some comfortable outfit and the yoga pad.

Practice yoga under the same conditions as if you were in the studio. This means mainly peace, plenty of light and a pleasantly ventilated environment. When practising honestly and regularly, you will soon get rid of the unpleasant conditions and back pain. If you decide to practice yoga for a long time, it might be worth buying a couple of tools. Not only beginners will be grateful for the support of yoga bricks for example which can help you in the more demanding positions.

Before each exercise, start with stretching and warming your body. To make sure you do this part correctly, you can either watch a few yoga videos on the internet or visit a public class. Don´t miss this step, the exercise would have less effect and if you already struggle with back pain, it might even get worse.

Yoga poses to help back pain are focused on strengthening the muscles of your belly, waist and back together. This balance is extremely important. In yoga, nothing is done unilaterally. It is always necessary to strengthen the entire body, not just parts of it.

Yoga Positions

The fighter positions in all their variations are extremely helpful when it comes to back pain problems. The dancing fighter position will help you to strengthen your abdominal and back muscles. It can stretch the leg muscles sufficiently and it also shapes the waist. Just like other fighter positions, it gives your body more energy.

The rotating fighter helps your spine, shoulders and hip joints relax. Another great position for your back pain problems is Rotation in the saddle. The position will provide you better mobility of the spine and muscles in the shoulder area which is exactly what I a person with an office job needs. At the same time, you will reinforce your muscles in the area of the abdomen, back and waist. This is invaluable for those of you who have difficulty lumbar spine. The last position you can easily exercise at home is the Bridge. It will help to strengthen your back and thigh muscles. When stretched properly, it stretches the neck and abdominal muscles. Overall, your spine is more flexible and less prone to stiffness and chronic pain.

It is definitely worth visiting a yoga class or trying to do some exercise at home before you decide to find some medical help in case you suffer from back pain.

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