Prenatal Yoga
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Prenatal Yoga

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Especially during pregnancy, you want to experience inner unity with all the processes that take place in you. Right now it is the best time to create a relationship between you and your child.

Yoga practice will be the bridge on this path to establish a prenatal relationship, the word Yoga itself expresses “inner unity”, integrity, and restoring the connection with the inner source. If you are pregnant, you should definitely start practicing prenatal Yoga, no matter if you have some previous experience with Yoga or not. It will help you bond with your baby and it will make your pregnancy experience much better.

It is completely up to you if you prefer online prenatal Yoga classes or visiting a real class, on the other hand, if you are a Yoga beginner, it is recommended to visit a class to make sure you won´t hurt yourself by a wrong position for example.

If you have some previous experiences with Yoga, you can check on some prenatal Yoga videos or other prenatal workout videos and workout by yourself.

Yoga for Pregnant Women

The indisputable benefit of Yoga practice is to achieve harmony, relaxation and calming your mind and body. Thanks to Prenatal Yoga, you can get your mood under control, even hormone levels will get more stable and you will feel happier, more balanced and quieter.

Yoga is beneficial not only in the mental area (relieving stress, calm and concentrated mind, perception of your own feelings and feelings for your baby) but it also helps to strengthen the figure, the muscles of the pelvic floor and prepare for a smooth course of giving birth and it makes it much easier to return to full strength and energy after.
A class of pregnant Yoga includes breathing techniques, physical exercises that are beneficial for the mother and the baby, workout focused on pelvic floor muscles and relaxation that can strengthen the relationship of the mum and the baby.

Yoga in Pregnancy

You can start with prenatal Yoga at any time during pregnancy. It is also suitable for beginners, but if you are just starting Yoga, it will be better to wait until the second trimester, more experienced trainees can do prenatal Yoga at any time.

It is especially important to pay attention to your inner feeling and to see what is comfortable for you and avoid any inconvenient moves during the exercise. Especially in the first trimester, the pregnancy is a very fragile and it is necessary to be more responsible during the workout. Therefore, always rely on your instinct, in a case of a risky pregnancy, talk to your doctor if prenatal Yoga is appropriate for you.

Prenatal Yoga Poses

The positions are adjusted so that you do not hurt yourself or your baby. They are designed in such a way that the belly does not interfere with any size. The individual exercises are aimed at strengthening the internal and external muscles, the development of the cardiovascular system and the detoxification of the organism.

If you have already practiced another type of Yoga before pregnancy, you will find out that the pregnancy version does not differ much from what you know, it is just a bit slower. There are not any fast transitions in vertical positions because blood pressure jumps up and down frequently during pregnancy, and sudden changes of positions can cause faintness.

As you can guess, you won´t do any positions where you would be instructed to lie on your stomach, only short lying on your back is practiced. If you are not comfortable on your back, you can swap it on your side.

The breathing exercises are also very careful. Only those without abdominal wall compression can be used in Prenatal Yoga.

Maternity Yoga Clothes

As for any other type of Yoga, you should wear something comfortable, make sure you keep drinking water enough etc. but for prenatal Yoga, you should bring one more thing for the class, a towel. You might use it in harder positions even when you did not need it before.

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