In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary. Yin Yoga exercises particular parts of the body more than the others. They are parts closer to our center, specifically bones and connective tissues above the knees and under the navel.

Unlike the muscles that are more of the Yang part of our body – those like movement and repetition – the connective tissues, on the other hand, need a different approach.
All Yin Yoga poses are practiced either sitting or lying down. It is also usual to stay in the positions for a longer time compared to traditional Yoga, between three to five minutes. The goal of each position is to get the body in a safe and controlled position and release the muscles in the exercising area which allows the connective tissues to be gently and safely maintained.

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But because Yin cannot exist without Yang, practicing Yin also affects Yang body parts, stretches and strengthens the muscles. Yin Yoga is not supposed to replace the workout of Yang parts, but rather it completes the exercise and puts your body in a perfect balance.

Yin Yoga Benefits

As in other Yoga variations, there are plenty of Yin Yoga benefits. First of all, Yin Yoga equates you with aspects of Yin and Yang, it encourages and supports an increased flow of Prana – the energy in the body, it helps you calm your mind and strengthen your muscles.

The one difference from all the other types of Yoga is that Yin Yoga focuses on your connective tissues, it stretches and strengthens them much more than any other workout. Yin Yoga supports joints mobility, flexibility and it has strongly positive effects on bloodstream because it calms your mind and lets you meditate.

Yin Yoga Practice

To understand perfectly what Yin Yoga is, it is very important to know what parts of your being are Yin and which are Yang.

Yang is part of our being focused on feelings and nature, this part is more active, it includes the upper areas of our body. Yang is warmer, more focused on change, and more intense, more masculine. The other part of our being, Yin, is less active, cooler and closer to the center. It is focused on the lower body areas and it is more female.

Physically, the Yang parts of our body are the skin and the muscles, on the other hand, the bones and deep connective tissues.

Why is Yoga Yoga Important?

Practicing Jin Yoga helps us to understand the value of admission at a deeper level. By staying in positions for a long time without trying to change things, by accepting yourself, such as you are, you have the ability to sense different parts of your body.

Yin Yoga disconnects you from the present moment and teaches you deep meditation.

Yin Yoga is very similar to Restorative Yoga, it is also a slow type of exercise, on the other hand, Restorative Yoga focuses more on the workout itself, Yin Yoga is more of a spiritual exercise. It is usually practiced in comfortable light and smell of candles and each position feels like a perfect pose for meditation. It is recommended to people with some previous experience with Yoga because it is a specific, slow version requiring some deeper concentration and comfort in the positions.

If you are looking for a workout to help you get your body in shape and sweat during the exercise, Yin Yoga is not an option but if you need to relax and you enjoy meditation, Yin Yoga is absolutely perfect!

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