Hatha Yoga
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Hatha Yoga Benefits

What is Hatha Yoga How Can You Benefit From It?

What is one of the biggest problems of the busy times we live in? What causes a lot of our health problems? What are we fighting most often in these days?

The answer is inconsistency, fragmentation of our own thoughts. We have no power over our minds and we are losing the ability to keep one direction. But what can we do to change this? Hatha Yoga might be a good solution, it teaches us how body changes can influence our minds and vice versa.

Hatha Yoga for Beginners

Hatha Yoga, as the name implies, means a combination of two energies. Solar energy ha and lunar energy tha. If you would like to start with Yoga, Hatha Yoga might be an ideal way because it is a combination of both the ethical and physical foundations of Yoga. Because Yoga itself is a union, the union of philosophy and practice, the union of our lowest consciousness (ego) with the highest consciousness. Using self-control and meditation, Hatha Yoga sequence lets your body and mind relax and lets them control each other at the same time, and is similar to Meditation Yoga. Thanks to Hatha Yoga, you will learn to understand and know yourself better.

Free Hatha Yoga Video

Below is another hatha yoga that will help you to exercise and understand hatha yoga in more detail:

Hatha Yoga is probably the most practiced Yoga variation, it is perfect both for beginners and advanced and as the base of other Yoga styles, it lets you learn about the very essence of Yoga. Learning Hatha Yoga poses opens a whole new world of other Yoga styles to you as the other styles are mostly based on Hatha Yoga.
Of course, like in all the other Yoga variations, Hatha Yoga offers plenty of benefits.

Calm your Body and Mind

Firstly, through calming the body Hatha Yoga teaches you to calm your mind, too.

This process is slow but it definitely works, through the calming movement of your body, you slowly learn to perceive yourself in different positions and to find peace within them not only for the body that performs them but also for the mind which participates in them.

Hatha Yoga is based on a physical basis but it shows you how to control your mind at the same moment. This harmony of your body and mind has a positive effect on both your mental and physical health. Like some other Yoga styles, Hatha Yoga also teaches you how to breathe correctly which is another striking benefit of this variation. Thanks to breathing well, your blood pressure gets to a healthy limit, in general, the Yoga breathing techniques are very helpful in case of bloodstream health problems.

Before you achieve the harmonious relationship between your mind and your body, it is necessary to clean your organism. Just as you deal with various detoxification programs and diets to get your body rid of poisonous toxins, you need to take a similar process with your mind, let yourself forget about the outside world when you enter the Yoga class and leave all your worries and thoughts out of your head for the whole time of the class, it will help you a lot to meditate.

Hatha Yoga Workout

If you are looking for a good workout for your body and a nice relaxation for your mind, Hatha Yoga is definitely a great choice!

If you are into the meditation but you don´t enjoy such a slow way of Yoga and you are searching for a workout to strengthen your muscles, there is even a variation exactly for you, Hatha Flow. It is basically a faster variation of Hatha Yoga but it still includes the spiritual part. Check on the Hatha Yoga video above to help you decide what will work the best for you.

Hatha Yoga for Health

Hatha Yoga in its slower version is a perfect exercise for almost everyone! It does not matter if you are older or have some movement limitations, Hatha Yoga will work for you.

It can even be used as a rehabilitation exercise! If you would like to strengthen and stretch your body or you are just looking for a good way to clean your mind after a long day, Hatha Yoga is the perfect choice for you.

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