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Online Yoga

Best Yoga on the Screen

The market for quality yoga DVDs could not be better. Today, nearly 90% of all yoga DVDs are available under $15, but a few years ago you couldn’t find Yoga DVDs below $ 50. The reason for this drop in price is that they are just too many producers of yoga DVDs. The pressure of competition is high, and even the best ones had to face the war for prices. On the one hand, the customer can benefit from the low prices, on the other hand, it’s hard to find the best ones among the gigantic number of existing yoga DVDs. However, let’s not forget: the best videos with the best teachers are still rare – and that is exactly why we have selected the best ones for you below.

Yoga can help you to reconnect with your body, when the connection is lost.

Recent Articles About Online Yoga

Are you tempted to start doing yoga but you don´t have enough time? Are you too busy and your schedule always changes? Don´t you like big groups or you just enjoy exercising by yourself? Aren't you feeling confident enough to sign up for a yoga class in your neighborhood? Try yoga classes online!

We live in the online world and even sports classes are quickly moving to the internet. People are busier and busier and they just cannot be bothered visiting a place weekly to do their favorite exercise so the sports teachers are searching for the new ways to provide their services, and this works for yoga too! Imagine coming home after a long day and just enjoying the relaxing meditation in your own living room, isn´t that amazing?

New World of Yoga Online

This whole new world of yoga online classes provides plenty of advantages. Firstly, after the relaxing yoga video class, you don´t have to leave the calm place, you are already at home.

You can meditate for hours after your exercise and there is no pressure as there is when a normal yoga class ends and you must leave the place. Feeling for a longer work out today? No problem at all, just watch another video and enjoy as much yoga as you like to. You don´t even have to do online yoga at home. It became a normal to have access to the internet basically everywhere so there is no problem to do yoga online on holiday or anywhere else you want.

Yoga for Beginners

If you are not sure about your skills level, you can check on several yoga videos to find the best one for you, we have a great collection of yoga for beginners. You can start with the simplest position and learn as quickly as you want to.

What is also really amazing about online yoga classes is clothes! You can wear anything you like. You do not need to dress up as you most likely would for a usual class, no, you can wear whatever feels comfortable to you, no matter what it looks like.

Another huge advantage of online yoga is you don´t need to do it for the same amount of time, just suit it to your schedule or the way you feel that day. You can find yoga videos of any length, from a 10-minute simple workout just to start your day up to an hour long exercise, just find the one that fits you the best. On the other hand, the fact that your yoga schedule is so open also means you will need a good self-control to hold on.

Advanced Yoga

Controlling your yoga classes also means you can handle how fast or slow you are moving to another level. Try a new position when you really feel you are ready, there is no pressure of an organised yoga class.

And even if you fail it for the first time, you don´t need to feel ashamed, nobody is watching you, just try again. There are plenty of YouTube channels just about yoga and every single one is different, some of them specialize in particular purposes of yoga, some are more about the spiritual side of yoga, some are more about the physical exercise itself. There are videos just to help you lose some weight, videos to extend your flexibility, relaxing yoga classes, even special videos for kids! The world is your oyster!

Usually, these videos are made by certified yoga teachers which let you enjoy a professional yoga class from the comfort of your own home. The only problem is that your teacher cannot see you so they also are not able to correct your mistakes. On the other hand, there are a few easy steps to help you with this. First of all, get a mirror. You can compare your moves with the ones in the video so you make sure you aren't making mistakes. Another helpful step is sticking to one or two teachers, not more because even the teachers may have different yoga style. Just find the style you like the best, you can try several types of yoga before settling to the one you choose. As in every other body exercise, you need some continuity in your work out.

Are you still in doubts about starting online yoga? Get some comfortable clothes, turn on your laptop or a tablet and start right now. All you can get from it is better health, happiness and a great figure!

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Alex, June 14, 2018 at 9:42 am (edit)
To have a happy and active life, exercise is a basic requirement. But today’s life and tech devices have made us too lethargic to move our body. Exercise is the best self-defense against disease. Whether you join online fitness video courses for yoga, aerobics, or join a strenuous bootcamp, ensure you spare some time for exercise every day.

Have a happy and healthy lifestyle